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Rada Envisages Creation Of National Police

Rada Envisages Creation Of National Police

Draft law No.2822 received votes of 278 Members of Parliament, while 226 votes enough for approval.

The Verkhovna Rada envisages creation of national police. Draft law No.2822 received votes of 278 Members of Parliament, while 226 votes enough for approval.

With endorsement of this law, the Law on Police [Militsiya] is declared stale.

Under the document, national police is a central body of executive power serving to the public by safeguarding human rights and liberties, combating crime, and maintaining public security and order.

The police are tasked with supporting public security and order, protecting and defending human rights and liberties, and also interests of the society and the State, countering crime, rendering help services to persons need such help for personal, economic, social reasons or other emergency situations.

Police has the following units: criminal police, patrol police, prejudicial inquiry bodies, guard police, special police and riot police.

Police activities are guided and coordinated by the Government through the minister of internal affairs.

Chief of police is appointed/dismissed by the Cabinet of Ministers upon recommendation of the prime minister in accordance with the internal minister's proposals, while first deputy chief and deputy chiefs - by the internal minister upon recommendation of the police chief.

Full-aged citizens of Ukraine who can speak Ukrainian, obtained full general secondary education and meeting the Internal Affairs Ministry physical fitness requirements can be accepted to serve at the police.

The law enters into force three months after its publication but the provisions concerning police units in Kyiv shall take effect on the day of its publication, and in Odesa and Lviv on August 20.

Cabinet will have one month after entry of the law into effect to ensure creation of a central body of executive power of the police and its territorial bodies.

Till December 31, 2016, citizen who obtained full higher education, having track record of at least 10 years and at least five years in executive positions can be appointed as chief of police; and as leaders and deputy heads of territorial police bodies can be appointed citizens who obtained full higher education, having track record of at least five years and at least one year in executive positions.

Meanwhile, from the day of publication of the law, all employees of the police [militsiya], the Internal Affairs Ministry and their territorial bodies will be deemed warned of possible forthcoming discharge owing to redundancy.

Those police [militsiya] officers who will indicate wish to serve at the police, upon condition compliance with policemen requirements within three months after publication of the law could be accepted for service either by appointment upon their consent or by passing competition.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, President Petro Poroshenko stands for appointing First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ekaterine Zguladze-Glucksmann as the chief of national police.

The Internal Ministry created a patrol police department in May, and in June appointed Oleksandr Fatsevych as chief of the Kyiv patrol police.

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