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​Rada Ratifies Association Agreement With EU

​Rada Ratifies Association Agreement With EU

A total of 355 backed respective draft law No. 0098 as basis and on whole.

The Verkhovna Rada has ratified the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

A total of 355 backed respective draft law No. 0098 as basis and on whole.

The agreement envisions the establishment of the free trade area between Ukraine and the EU, abolishment or reduction of import duties by the two parties for over than 95% of commodity positions.

At that Ukraine will lower duties gradually.

Besides, the agreement envisions additional measures on protection of Ukraine's domestic car and clothes market and EU's abandoning use of export subsidies at the sale of farm produce with Ukraine.

Ukraine obliges to in 10 years abolish export duties in trading with the EU, including for seeds of oil-bearing crops, leather, metal and natural gas.

Besides, Ukraine should abstain from the use of about 3,000 geographic names including those, which are currently used by Ukrainian producers (for instance, cognac and champagne).

The compensation will be 10-year transition period and possibility of application of compensation package aimed at the creation of conditions for modernization of enterprises that will face the changes in the system of protection of geographic names and promotion of Ukrainian products under new brands in the markets of the EU.

The agreement envisions the list of directives and other regulatory and legal acts of the EU, whose provisions will be incorporated with the Ukrainian legislation.

Besides, the document envision precise time schedule of harmonization, which allows monitoring of taken obligations.

Besides, the agreement envisions respect to democratic principles, human rights and major freedoms, supremacy of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as principles of free market economy.

Besides, the document contains provisions whose implementation will have to facilitate development and enhancement of dialogue in different sectors, inter alia gradual integration of Ukraine-EU foreign and security policies.

Besides, it envisions ratification and implementation by Ukraine the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, association agreement co-operation in the fields of security and defense, consolidation of peace and international justice, prevention from conflicts, nonproliferation of mass destruction weapons, control over disarmament and fight against terrorism.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, EU, Ukraine and Russia have agreed to suspend the commencement of the EU-Ukraine free trade area for 2016.

On June 27, Ukraine and the EU signed the economic part of the association agreement.

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