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Ukraine in brief. Tuesday, July 23

Ukraine in brief. Tuesday, July 23

Naftogaz, Gazprom dispute; Ukraine Today TV channel launching; partial mobilization; Malaysia Airlines victims bodies; international experts investigate jet crash; reverse gas supply fall; facilities not subject to privatization.

07:34 Wikborg, Rein & Co DA Advokatfirma (Norway) and the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company have agreed on protecting Ukraine's interests in resolving the dispute between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Russian Gazprom monopoly for EUR 1.3 million by 2015.

The tender was held under the one-bidder procedure.

The contract was signed on July 11 to be valid until December 31, 2014.

As was reported, Naftogaz of Ukraine sued against Gazprom at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden) on June 16.

07:36 The chairman of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council, Yurii Artiomenko, has announced that an international satellite television channel called Ukraine Today will be launched in the near future to cover events in Ukraine and abroad.

The 1+1 media group intends to test-launch the Ukraine Today international news channel on August 11, and the television channel will begin full broadcasting on August 24.

The television channel will broadcast in the English language and content will be provided by a specially created editorial office, which will be part of 1+1 Media's information broadcasting department.

In addition, there are plans for Ukraine Today to broadcast in the Russian language.

The television channel will be free; it will be available via the Hotbird satellite in Europe and in the United States in 2015.

11:22 President Petro Poroshenko has announced partial mobilization, having signed the law "On approval to the presidential decree 'On partial mobilization'."

The law takes effect from the date of its publication.

As was reported, on July 22 the Verkhovna Rada approved respective decree.

Another phase of partial mobilization will take place on the territory of 24 regions and Kyiv within 45 days.

15:26 Two planes with bodies of the victims of the crash of Malaysia Airlines jetliner in Donetsk region on July 17 have departed from Ukraine to the Netherlands.

Before the departure there was a commemoration ceremony.

At 7:45, Wednesday, flight recorders from the jetliner were delivered to Britain under the supervision of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) representatives.

On the eve, common understanding of flight recorders transfer procedure was achieved which was enshrined in the General Technical Protocol signed by the Netherlands, Malaysia, representatives of Ukraine and ICAO.

The Protocol envisions that the flight recorders were produced to the Ukrainian party, but the Ukrainian party did not touch them and control them.

After the signature of the Protocol the "black boxes" were delivered by plane to Kyiv and than to Britain.

16:47 A total of 240 international experts have arrived in Ukraine to investigate the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet crash in Donetsk region.

They are from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Great Britain, the USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, as well as the ICAO and Interpol.

Unfortunately, the international commission has no free access to the crash site and its work is complicated since Russian military experts had worked at the site under the guise of civilians, the diplomat stressed.

17:13 The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry is concerned over reducing reverse gas supply to Ukraine, Yurii Prodan, the minister of energy and coal industry, told journalists.

"The gas supply in the reverse mode is falling. I think because of Gazprom actions: we heard its threats to European companies," he noted.

The reduction occurred two weeks ago and the reverse volume was down from 18 to 7 million cubic meters per day, the minister added.

In reply to journalists' question when the reverse gas supply will begin Prodan supposed it for August or most likely for September.

17:51 The Cabinet of Ministers has endorsed the list of the facilities not subject to privatization.

The draft law separates the facilities not subject to privatization into four lists according to their geographic availability and ownership.

Thus, the second list includes the facilities with the state-owned shareholdings not subject to privatization.

The third list contains the state-owned facilities which the public shares not less than 61%.

The shares, besides the 61-percent shareholdings, are liable to privatization.

The fourth list consists of the state-owned facilities situated in the territory of the unrecognized Republic of Crimea.

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