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Ukraine in brief. Monday, July 14

Ukraine in brief. Monday, July 14

Latvia ratified Association Agreement, ATO forces cleared terrorists from several inhabited localities of Luhansk region, terrorists mine all bridges in Khartsyzk, NSDC possess no information about presumable bringing of Russian troops on July 15, Rospotrebnadzor prohibited entry of Lozova Dairy Factory products, Poroshenko notices need to narrow ATO zone, terrorists destroyed An-26 plane

11:45 Latvia has ratified the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, Foreign Affairs Minister of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics has written in Twitter.

He did not post other details.


12:57 The anti-terror operation (ATO) forces have cleared terrorists from the inhabited localities Oleksandrivsk, Bile, Rozkishne, Sabivka and are conducting a battle for Metalist of Luhansk Region, National Security and Defence Council information centre spokesman Andrii Lysenko has told a news briefing.

"The ATO forces have freed the inhabited localities Oleksandrivsk, Bile, Rozkishne, Sabivka, have unlocked the Luhansk airport, are conducting a battle for the settlement Metalist," he said.

The ATO forces' successful actions sow panic among the terrorists, they are trying to fight their way out of the combat zone.

For that they are deprive locals of their transport means and are trying to escape to Russia.

Ukrainian military unblocked the Luhansk airport in the early hours of Monday.


14:46 Terrorists have mined all bridges in Khartsyzk, Donetsk region, National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman Andrii Lysenko has told a news briefing.

"Terrorists have mined and made ready for blowing up all bridges in Khartsyzk," he said.

In view of this the NSDC calls all locals to use by-pass routes wherever possible.

The NSDC spokesman says terrorists go on deliberately destroying the Donbas infrastructure.

From July 11 to 13 blew up three bridges in Luhansk Region and Donetsk Region.


15:11 The National Security and Defence Council possess no information about presumable bringing of Russian troops to Ukraine on July 15, NSDC information centre spokesman Andrii Lysenko has told a news briefing.

"We have not yet information that what you've been talking about will start namely on July 15," he said when answering a question about Dmytro Tymchuk, leader of the Information Resistance group, publishing information on Russia's probable introduction of troops on July 15.

At the same time Lysenko stressed that the number of provocations near the Ukraine/Russia border had become more frequent in the last days.

Moreover, they have been observing Russian combat equipment massing up at the Ukrainian border in Sumy Region and Luhansk Region.

About 100 armoured vehicles and machines tried to penetrate Ukraine from Russia's territory near Izvaryne, Luhansk Region in the early hours of July 13.


15:46 The Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance (Rospotrebnadzor) has prohibited entry in the territory of Russia of products made by the Lozova dairy factory (Kharkiv Region), reads a statement made by the Russian agency.

It says they discovered violation of requirements of the legislation in the area of consumer protection when surveying milk products made by this enterprise.

In particular, when examining separate kinds of the factory's cheese products they found discrepancy of characteristic of milk fat content in them, and also real fat weight fraction mismatching the information stated at the label.

The entry in Russia's territory for the Lozova dairy factory products is suspended from July 9.

Russia's Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) restricted entry in Russia's territory for the products made by the Lozova dairy factory; and on July 7 it tightened control over the enterprise's products.

The factory was founded in the 1980s in Kharkiv Region. It produces rennet cheese and whole-milk goods.

Prodsnab joint-stock company (Kharkiv) is one of its co-founders.


16:03 President Petro Poroshenko notices the need to narrow the anti-terror operation (ATO) zone, reads a statement made by the presidential press service.

On Monday Poroshenko held a counsel with leaders of security agencies.

"The President pointed out the necessity of certain changes in tactics that would allow constricting the anti-terror operation zone, redoubling boundary protection and straining every sinew to ensure protection of civilians," the statement said.

Moreover, Poroshenko turns attention to the fact that the Russian Federation's most recent Multiple Launch Rocket Systems have been used against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the recent days.

They also have substantiated data that Russia's active officers take part in the battle action against the Ukrainian forces.

During the counsel the head of state stressed they were planning a meeting of the National Security and Defence Council.


16:44 The Internal Affairs Ministry confirms the fact of an An-26 plane destroyed by terrorists, Anton Heraschenko, and advisor to the Internal Affairs Minister, has told a press briefing.

"The An-26 plane was shot down. That is all I know. More details can be provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine," he said.

As to Heraschenko, two crewmembers managed to jump to safety with parachutes.

On Monday the anti-terror operation leadership said contact had been lost with the An-26 plane in Luhansk Region.


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