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​Leaders Of Normandy Quartet To Hold Telephone Talks On December 30
The press service of the President of Ukraine announced this in a statement.
Политика 29 декабря 2015, 21:09 537
​Yarosh Quits Right Sector, Intends To Create Sociopolitical Movement
According to Yarosh, Right Sector was created as a revolutionary unit and this revolution has not been ended.
Политика 28 декабря 2015, 14:42 553
​Trilateral Contact Group Agrees Ceasefire In ATO Zone From 00:00 On December 23
"There is agreement on a full and unconditional 'regime of silence,' beginning at 00:00 on December 23, 2016," Olifer wrote.
Политика 22 декабря 2015, 22:41 1138
​Ukraine, Russia Fail To Agree Trade Regime After Economic Part Of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Enters Into Effect
According to the report, Russia will continue to negotiate with Ukraine on cooperation in the area of trade.
Экономика 21 декабря 2015, 22:47 872
​Cabinet Proposing Rada Adopt 2016 State Budget With Revenues Of UAH 601.4 Billion, Expenses Of UAH 674.1 Billion
Ukrainian News Agency learned this from draft law No.3000 registered with the parliament on September 14 and elaborated on December 11.
Экономика 11 декабря 2015, 20:22 1563
​Finance Ministry Expects Draft 2016 State Budget To Be Submitted To Rada On December 10
First Deputy Minister of Finance Ihor Umanskyi announced this to reporters, Ukrainian News reports.
Политика 09 декабря 2015, 23:41 1286
USA Points To Signs Of Ukraine's Economic Progress
Biden pointed to importance of Ukraine's fulfilment of obligations to the IMF to continue support.
Политика 07 декабря 2015, 20:28 776
NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg Calls On Donbas Conflict Sides To Ensure OSCE Mission Observers' Full Access
NATO is disposed to render political support to Ukraine.
Политика 02 декабря 2015, 19:01 649
Kolomoiskyi: Ex-Ukrtransnafta CEO Lazorko To Receive Political Asylum In Britain
Ukrainian News Agency learned this from his interview.
Политика 30 ноября 2015, 21:22 1464
Poroshenko Concerned By Russia's Intention To Impose Import Embargo On Ukraine's Agricultural Products And Foodstuffs In 2016
The presidential press office announced this in a statement.
Политика 13 ноября 2015, 21:42 1031
​Poroshenko Notes Tendency Towards Escalation Of Situation In ATO Zone
Poroshenko was speaking during the opening of a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council.
Политика 11 ноября 2015, 22:42 1230
20 MPs Proposing Rada Forbid Sexual Orientation Discrimination At Work
They suggest respective amendments to the current Labour Code.
Политика 10 ноября 2015, 22:42 1034
Defense Ministry: 8,390 Russian Troops In Donbas
At the same time, according to Lukiyanets, militants increased the number of attacks on the positions of the antiterrorist forces on 2 November.
Политика 06 ноября 2015, 22:27 1299
​USA To Preserve Existing Sanctions On Russia Until Full Implementation Of Minsk Agreements
During a telephone conversation with United States Vice President Joseph Biden.
Политика 06 ноября 2015, 00:01 880
​Ukraine's Businesses Lost UAH 65 Billion From NBU's Cleanup Of Banking System - Ukrainian Credit-Banking Association Estimates
The press service of the association announced this in a statement.
Экономика 04 ноября 2015, 20:46 1365
Klitschko Wins 39.64% In Kyiv Mayoral Election, Bereza 9.21%, Omelchenko 9.08% With 50% Of Votes Counted
According to the agency's estimates, Klitschko won 142,226 votes, Bereza 37,719, and Omelchenko 37,187.
Политика 29 октября 2015, 22:59 1529
​Pyvovarskyi Confirms Termination Of Flights Between Ukraine And Russia On October 25
"Flights between the two countries will not exist from October 25," he said.
Политика 23 октября 2015, 23:45 1480
​Army General Staff Announces Completion Of Tanks' Withdrawal From Separation Line In Donetsk Region
The General Staff's spokesman Viacheslav Selezniov has informed Ukrainian News.
Политика 22 октября 2015, 23:03 1320
​Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Shot With Missile Fired From Snizhne, Donetsk Region - Ukraine
As to Zubko, the crash of the plane can be regarded a prearranged terror attack.
Политика 13 октября 2015, 22:57 1259
​Poroshenko Approves Setting 20 February 2014 As Start Date Of Temporary Occupation Of Crimea
Ukrainian News learned this from a statement of the President's press office.
Политика 07 октября 2015, 18:51 885