Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Internal Affairs Ministry Considers Non-Compliance With Meter Verification Technologies Priority Version Of Explosion In Multi-Storey Building In Darnytskyi District In Kyiv
Events 26 June 2020, 17:39 78
Information On Avakov’s Salary For December From Cabinet’s Press Service And Internal Affairs Ministry Not Correspond To Each Other
Politics 04 February 2020, 17:51 100
The special-purpose committee of the Verkhovna Rada asks Avakov to deal with cases of prosecution of journalists
Politics 09 December 2019, 10:26 274
Court Recognizes Actions Of Border Guards And Internal Affairs Ministry To Expulse Saakashvili To Poland As Legal
Politics 20 November 2019, 12:44 84
Internal Affairs Ministry Initiates Change In System Of Fines For Speeding In 2020
Politics 08 October 2019, 17:32 122
Interior Ministry Will Not Grant Russians Access To Russian Diplomatic Missions To Vote In March 18 Presidential Elections
Politics 16 March 2018, 18:04 53
Cabinet Dismisses Deputy Internal Affairs Minister For European Integration Deyeva
Politics 27 December 2017, 16:51 47
Sytnyk Confirms NACB Procuring Training Suits From Entrepreneur Lytvyn Suspected Of Involvement In Internal Ministry's Backpacks Procurement Fraud For National Guard
Politics 03 November 2017, 19:10 42
Internal Ministry, Justice Ministry To Ban Police Word In Names Of Civil Organizations, Municipal Companies
Politics 30 May 2017, 14:17 39
Internal Ministry: 5 Civilians Wounded, 24 Buildings Damaged In Avdiivka, Donetsk Region As Militants Shelling Town Since January 29
Politics 01 February 2017, 15:13 32
Supreme Court Refuses To Review Decision Finding Wrongful Internal Ministry's Refusal To Provide Ukrainian News Agency With List Of Persons Awarded With Signature Weapons In 2014-2015
Politics 13 January 2017, 16:07 35
Internal Ministry To Call Competition For National Police Chief Thursday
Politics 15 December 2016, 13:33 36