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Ukraine Breaks Diplomatic Relations With Syria And Imposes Trade Embargo - MFA
Politics 30 June 2022, 17:08 229
LPR Not Abandoning Idea Of Joining Russia, But Wants To Wait For End Of Hostilities
Politics 12 May 2022, 18:58 701
Putin Wants To Annex "DPR" And "LPR" To Russia, Referendums Can Be Held In May - Media
Politics 27 April 2022, 20:28 367
Russia Developed Special Stamp That Marks Personal Files Of Military Who Refused To Fight With Ukraine
Politics 13 April 2022, 19:10 538
Occupiers Use Mobilized From ORDLO As "Cannon Fodder" To Identify Firing Positions Of Ukrainian Armed Forces
Politics 19 March 2022, 18:10 1135
Zelenskyy Ready To Seek Compromise With Russia On Crimea, DPR, LPR But Not Ready For Ultimatums
Politics 08 March 2022, 19:07 1464
Russia To Use Personnel Mobilized From ORDLO As ‘Cannon Fodder’ In Operation To Capture Odesa And Storm Kyiv – Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi
Politics 03 March 2022, 20:19 1829
Ukraine Considering Russia's Recognition Of LPR And DPR And Decision To Use Armed Forces Abroad As Act Of Armed Aggression - Foreign Ministry
Politics 23 February 2022, 13:49 665
Putin Recognizes DPR And LPR Within Borders Of Entire Territory Of Luhansk And Donetsk Regions
World 22 February 2022, 20:02 829
Federation Council Gives Permission For Russia To Use Armed Forces Outside Country
World 22 February 2022, 19:55 529
UK Imposes Sanctions Against 5 Russian Banks And 3 Oligarchs Due To Russia's Recognition Of DPR And LPR
Politics 22 February 2022, 19:49 403
Rada Calls On International Community To Impose Tough Sanctions Against Russian Leadership, Disconnect Russia From SWIFT And Ban High Technologies Export To Russia Due To "LDPR" Recognition
Politics 22 February 2022, 19:43 239
Russian State Duma Ratifies Agreements With DPR And LPR
Politics 22 February 2022, 14:54 301
Putin Recognizes LPR And DPR
Politics 21 February 2022, 22:25 926
Luhansk TPP Suspends Work Due To Militants Shelling
Politics 21 February 2022, 18:06 878
Ukraine Did Not Attack Temporarily Occupied Territories Nor It Send Subversion Group To Russia - Kuleba
Politics 21 February 2022, 18:02 709
DPR Head Pushilin, LPR Head Pasechnik Announce Civilian Population Evacuation To Russia Due To Alleged Offensive Of Armed Forces Of Ukraine
Events 18 February 2022, 17:45 683
Russian State Duma’s Appeal To Putin On DPR And LPR Recognition May Become Pretext For Russian Invasion Of Ukraine - MP Merezhko
Politics 16 February 2022, 20:56 214
Ukraine Should Demand Withdrawal Of Russian State Duma's Appeal To Putin On DPR And LPR Recognition For Further Normandy Format Negotiations - MP Nemyria
Politics 16 February 2022, 16:13 197
Stefanchuk To Propose NSDC Impose Sanctions Against Russian State Duma Members Who Voted For Recognition Of DPR And LPR
Politics 16 February 2022, 16:06 134