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ISW Explains Why Putin's Message Contained So Few Specifics About War In Ukraine

ISW Explains Why Putin's Message Contained So Few Specifics About War In Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's February 21 message to the Federal Assembly did not articulate specific goals or intentions for the war in Ukraine, instead Putin reinforced several longstanding rhetorical lines in an attempt to get more space and time for a protracted war.

This opinion was expressed by analysts of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in another report.

The institute noted that Putin stated that Russia started a "special military operation" in Ukraine a year ago to protect people on "historic lands of Russia", ensure the internal security of the Russian Federation, and eliminate the threat from the Ukrainian "neo-Nazi regime", which, under his in words, has existed since 2014, and to protect the population of Donbas.

Putin, the analysts emphasized, accused the collective West of arming Ukraine and placing bases and biolaboratories near the Russian borders, thereby allegedly unleashing a war against the Russian Federation.

In addition, ISW noted, Putin mistakenly compared the Armed Forces of Ukraine to various Nazi divisions and thanked the Russian army for fighting the "Nazi threat", while a large part of his speech was devoted to the alleged stability of the Russian economic, social and cultural spheres.

"Putin's speech, in particular, revived several longstanding Russian information operations to justify the war and presented no change in Russia's rhetorical positioning on the war. He could use this event to articulate new goals and means of achieving them, such as announcing another official wave of partial mobilization, redefine a "special military operation" as an official war, or take additional measures to mobilize the Russian defense and industrial base in a more specific way.

Instead, Putin said very little of substance, probably in order to create the informational preconditions for a protracted war in Ukraine, without articulating specific time goals and presenting the war as existential for the Russian population," the ISW analysts emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly of Russia, Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty.