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President of Estonia sees no reason to talk to and meet with Putin

President of Estonia sees no reason to talk to and meet with Putin

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Estonian President Alar Karis says that he sees no reason to meet with Russian President Putin now.

This follows from a message provided by European Pravda online media outlet with reference to ERR.

"I have no reason to talk to Vladimir Putin. I have it as a representative of a small neighboring country. We have seen that the leaders of larger states made various attempts, and all this did not lead to anything. Diplomacy did not save us from war," he said Karis.

But, according to him, at some point the parties will sit down at the negotiating table - at the level of heads of state or at another level.

"At some point, the peace will have to be formalized. And right now, I see no reason to meet with Putin. What should I tell him? Why tell him what they think on this side of the border? He knows it anyway," answered Зresident of Estonia.

According to him, the time for negotiations should be decided by Ukraine.

"I think we all want peace. But for peace to come, this war has to end. Unfortunately, you have to choose a side. In this situation, you can't be an uncertain person who is just for peace. We all want peace to come. But for this Ukrainians must get their country back and restore it. Undoubtedly, the day will come when peace will be discussed at the negotiating table - sooner or later. But rather, when the war will be in such a phase that Ukraine will decide: the time for negotiations has come," he added.

As earlier reported, earlier Estonia approved a new package of military aid to Ukraine.

Estonia also sent generators and power equipment to Ukrainian cities.


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