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Capacity Deficit In Power System Decreased, But Still Significant - Ukrenergo

Capacity Deficit In Power System Decreased, But Still Significant - Ukrenergo

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The capacity deficit in the Ukrainian power system as of December 23 has slightly decreased, but remains significant. As a result of Russian shelling in the frontline areas, there is new damage to the power grids.

This was reported by the Ukrenergo national energy company.

Currently, all types of generation are working. The power unit, which was connected to the power system yesterday, reached its nominal capacity.

At the same time, there are certain restrictions in the electricity transmission system caused by damage to main grids. In this regard, consumption limits have been set for all regions. Exceeding them leads to the application of emergency restrictions.

Emergency recovery work in the east, in the frontline regions, will be started immediately after the permission of the military.

"Repairs at energy infrastructure facilities continue around the clock, but the damage received is complex and large-scale, so their restoration requires a significant amount of time," Ukrenergo explained.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of the morning of December 23, heat and water supply in Kyiv is operating normally. Emergency power outages continue.

Energy Minister Halushchenko said that it will be possible to stabilize Ukraine's energy system by the summer if there are no Russian attacks.