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British Intelligence Tells Why Putin Canceled Annual Press Conference

British Intelligence Tells Why Putin Canceled Annual Press Conference

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The Kremlin decided to abandon the traditional large press conference of Putin at the end of the year, so that against the background of this event there was no dissatisfaction with the "special military operation."

This is stated in the latest intelligence update of the British Ministry of Defence on the war in Ukraine.

On December 12, the Kremlin confirmed that Vladimir Putin would not hold a traditional press conference at the end of the year - for the first time in decades. British intelligence notes that this press conference has already established itself as an important public event in Putin's schedule and was used by him as an opportunity to demonstrate alleged integrity.

“Although questions are almost certainly usually vetted in advance, the cancellation is likely due to increasing concerns about the prevalence of anti-war feeling in Russia. Kremlin officials are almost certainly extremely sensitive about the possibility that any event attended by Putin could be hijacked by unsanctioned discussion about the ‘special military operation’,” the intelligence suggests.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Putin decided not to give an annual press conference. This happened for the first time in 10 years.

On December 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the so-called ‘special military operation’ could become a long process.

Meanwhile, Putin's geopolitical influence is falling due to the war in Ukraine.