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Three More Parcels. In Spain, Company Producing Weapons For Ukraine And Prime-Minister’s Office Receive Envelo

Three More Parcels. In Spain, Company Producing Weapons For Ukraine And Prime-Minister’s Office Receive Envelopes With Explosives

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In Spain, three more envelopes with explosives were found after such a package exploded in the Ukrainian Embassy. One of these envelopes was received by a company in Zaragoza, which manufactures military equipment for Ukraine.

It is reported by The Washington Post.

On the afternoon of November 30, the police of the Aragon region and the civil guard received a message from Instalaza about a suspicious package with signs similar to that sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. The area around the plant was cordoned off and the parcel was blown up in control. The operation ended without casualties or injuries.

Italian company Instalaza designs and manufactures military infantry equipment. It fulfills, among other things, the defense order of the Spanish government to help Ukraine. In particular, grenade launchers are produced here. For Ukraine they had to produce 1,370 pieces.

A third explosive device was found in an envelope sent to a Spanish Air Force base located in Torrejon de Ardos near Madrid. The package was found overnight between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on December 1. X-ray examination showed a "certain mechanism." The package did not explode and no one was injured. The departure was addressed to the Satellite Center of the European Union (Satcen). It also cooperates with Ukraine and provides strategic information.

El Mundo reported on the fourth envelope, which on December 1 came to the address of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. However, there they already had been warned about dangerous shipments. Secretary of State for Security Rafael Perez received an envelope similar to those that had been defused before. The envelope was defused.

Sanchez promised to issue an official statement regarding these events.

Recall that the Ukrainian Embassy in Spain received an envelope with explosives, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba instructed to strengthen the security of all Ukrainian embassies.

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