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Asset Recovery Agency Sells 10,000 Tons Of Arrested Russian Ammonia For UAH 372.6 Million

Asset Recovery Agency Sells 10,000 Tons Of Arrested Russian Ammonia For UAH 372.6 Million

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The National Agency for Identifying, Tracing, and Managing Assets Linked to Corruption and other Crimes (Asset Recovery Agency) has sold 10,000 tons of arrested Russian ammonia for UAH 372.6 million.

The Asset Recovery Agency has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The Asset Recovery Agency received another UAH 372.6 million from the sale of ammonia in open trading. Another batch of arrested ammonia with a volume of 10,000 tons, which belongs to Russian enterprises, was sold at an auction, during which the initial price increased by 26%, or by UAH 77 million. This is the third lot out of the total volume of ammonia, which is a total of more than 40,000 tons. The previous two lots of arrested raw materials of the Russian enterprise were sold by the Asset Recovery Agency for almost UAH 540 million," it notes.

Funds from the sold property are placed on the Asset Recovery Agency’s deposit accounts, of which money after approval by the government is transferred to the purchase of securities.

"In total, during September-October this year, the Asset Recovery Agency transferred more than UAH 750 million for defense needs, at the same time, last week the Cabinet of Ministers agreed on the purchase of the next package of war bonds worth more than UAH 300 million," the statement said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine is counting on financing the post-war reconstruction of the country primarily through the confiscated assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs.

In July, the Prosecutor General’s Office secured the seizure of assets of Russian and Belarusian businessmen in Ukraine for UAH 33 billion.

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