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Antonov company announces start of construction work for a new Mriya cargo plane

Antonov company announces start of construction work for a new Mriya cargo plane

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The state-owned enterprise Antonov clarified the widespread information about the 30% readiness of the second hull of an An-225 Mriya aircraft instead of the one destroyed by the Russians in Hostomel during a large-scale invasion. It is reported that at present the design work in the direction of construction has only begun.

This follows from a statement by the press service of the Antonov company.

They emphasized that in the interview acting general director of Antonov State Enterprise Yevhen Havrilov for the German publication Bild regarding the construction of the second Mriya, there was some inaccuracy.

"Currently, design work in this direction has begun. According to the available expert assessment, there are currently about 30 percent of components that can be used for the second model of the aircraft," the aircraft construction company said.

At the same time, they noted that it is too early to say that the plane itself is 30% ready.

Antonov added that more detailed information about the creation of the new Mriya will be disseminated after Ukraine's victory in the Russian war.

The press release also states that about EUR 500 million will be spent on the assembly of the new aircraft, while "it is too early to talk about the specific amount."

Earlier, the general director of Antonov said that the plane was assembled to a third.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Security Service of Ukraine is investigating the possible involvement of officials of Antonov State Enterprise in the destruction of the An-225 Mriya aircraft by the occupiers.

On March 19, An-225 Mriya crew commander Dmytro Antonov said that the Mriya plane was not saved due to the inaction of the management of the state enterprise Antonov (Kyiv).

It will be recalled that in February, the Russian military destroyed the An-225 Mriya aircraft at the airfield in Hostomel (Kyiv Region).