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Another UAH 23.4 million added to the state budget as Favbet renews its license

Another UAH 23.4 million added to the state budget as Favbet renews its license


FAVBET, as a responsible company, continues to pay taxes and replenish the state budget despite the war. Last week, the Ukrainian company paid UAH 23.4 million to the state budget to extend its online gambling operator’s license for another year. This was reported by the press service of the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission. The official source also added that the payment had been already confirmed by the State Treasury.

According to Ukraine’s gambling legislation, all the proceeds from the license will be used to support the country’s medicine, sports, science, culture and education. This way, gambling operators can support the development of the national economy and function as a socially responsible business.

“In times of war, everyone must make every effort to achieve victory. Today, responsible businesses provide systemic and consolidated assistance to the army and the war-affected population. Our team is making everything possible to achieve victory. License payments are one of the most important things we can do to support the war effort in financial terms and it’s also another proof of our lasting commitment to staying by our country’s side and joining the common fight,” said Favbet’s Head of Ukraine Legal Mykhailo Prykhodko.

Favbet Group and its FAVBET Foundation are actively helping Ukrainian defenders, providing the with SUVs, drones and other necessary equipment. Recently, Favbet has launched a promo campaign “Pimp the Ride for the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine)” to buy and upgrade 10 off-roaders for the military and donated 23 drones to several army units for its 23rd birthday.

Additionally, FAVBET Foundation also delivers humanitarian aid and buys ammunition kits for the territorial defense units and the AFU. It also opened a special Adaptation Center for the Ukrainian migrants in Croatia, where they can learn Croatian and get free psychological and legal assistance.