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Ukrainian Military Hit Enemy Manpower Concentration Area And Ammunition Depots In Zaporizhzhia

Ukrainian Military Hit Enemy Manpower Concentration Area And Ammunition Depots In Zaporizhzhia

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have hit the area of concentration of manpower of the invaders and ammunition depots in Zaporizhzhia.

This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"According to the updated information, the defeat of enemy personnel and military equipment in the Zaporizhzhia Region in the previous days was confirmed. This is one area of ​ ​ personnel concentration, three ammunition depots, more than twenty units of weapons and military equipment, one S-300 anti-aircraft missile system," the General Staff said.

In total, more than 250 occupiers were injured.

Information on liquidated is being clarified.

The Air Force of the Defense Forces carried out seven strikes during the past day.

The defeat of the control point, five places of concentration of weapons and military equipment, as well as the enemy anti-aircraft missile system was confirmed.

In addition, air defense units shot down one Ка-52 helicopter, one Su-25 attack aircraft and eight unmanned aerial vehicles.

Missile troops and artillery over the past day, in particular, hit two command posts, fourteen areas of concentration of manpower, weapons and military equipment, three warehouses with ammunition and fuel-lubricants, as well as eight other important enemy objects.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, last day the Russian occupation army made attempts to attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of eight settlements of the Donetsk Region. The Ukrainian military successfully repelled all attacks by the invaders.