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The first results of the economic forum on the Marshall Plan in Poland: investments and agreements on joint pr

The first results of the economic forum on the Marshall Plan in Poland: investments and agreements on joint projects with EU partners

Oles Dovgiy, Mykola Solskyi, Marshall Plan

Ukraine is ready to guarantee Western investors and partners maximum transparency in the implementation of joint projects for the purpose of economic revival, stabilization of food supplies to foreign markets, and to promote investment in infrastructure development.

These are the first results of the work of the Ukrainian delegation, which consists of representatives of the government, parliament and independent analytical centres at the 31st International Economic Forum in the Polish city of Karpacz. About 3,000 participants gathered here to participate in 400 discussion panels, including politicians and members of parliaments of EU countries, representatives of the European Parliament, businessmen and experts from many EU countries and the whole world.

On the sidelines of the forum, Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture signed a memorandum with Polish colleagues on the construction of a 600-kilometer pipeline with a capacity of 2 million tons per year from Volyn to the port of Gdańsk. According to Minister Mykola Solskyi, this will be a project of interstate partnership with the involvement of interested business representatives. "This month, a meeting of ministers of agrarian policy of the EU countries will be held in Brussels, where this issue will be raised. That is, it should be complex financing from various sources", he said, commenting on projects for the development of infrastructure for the transportation of Ukrainian food to international markets.

The need to implement joint projects at the level of state and commercial partnership within the framework of the Marshall Plan for the development of the Ukrainian economy during and after the war was emphasized in her speech at the forum by Yulia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart-Holding – one of the largest Ukrainian companies. According to her, for post-war recovery, Ukraine will need the support of international partners and investments for the development of industries and infrastructure, as well as for the elimination of barriers to trade with the EU, "customs visa-free".

"You see how Ukrainians are fighting", Oles Dovgiy, who is part of the Ukrainian delegation at the 31st International Economic Forum in Karpacz, said in his speech. "We are showing the world, each of you, that we are strong, that we know how to fight and defend Ukraine, our homes, and with them all of Europe and the world. We will fight not only at the front for every meter of our land. At the same time, we will fight for the restoration of Ukrainian cities, for a decent standard of living for Ukrainians and, accordingly, for every cent of your investments. We are ready to apply the best global practices, form hundreds of investment cases in the fields of energy, agricultural sector, IT sector, heavy and light industry and make all the necessary reforms to meet the standards of transparency necessary for attracting Western capital to Ukraine. We believe in the possibility of rapid economic growth and are therefore convinced that your investment in Ukraine will be successful".

Dovgiy spoke at the forum together with the Minister of Finance of Poland and the head of the government development agency Magdalena Zhechkowska and Pavlo Borys and reminded that Ukraine faced a serious challenge — a deep economic downturn as a result of Russian aggression. Therefore, Ukraine sees reconstruction as the next step after victory — for this, the country’s economy will become transparent and open to investments from around the world. People’s deputy Elizaveta Yasko spoke at the forum as a promoter of Ukraine with a report on the panel "The Western world and Ukraine – opportunities that cannot be missed".

As you know, Ukrainian topics and European security are key at the forum in Karpacz, which this year is being held under the slogan "Europe in the Light of New Challenges".

Among the organizers of the International 31st Economic Forum are the Sejm of Poland, its government bodies and voivodeships. Official institutional partners of the event are structures of the European Union, including the EU Regional Development Fund, the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, large European and international companies, including Rothschild & Co, Samsung, Philips, KPMG, IKEA and Shell. The institutional partner of the international forum from Ukraine is the family investment company DOVGIY Family Office, founded and managed by representatives of the Dovgiy family.

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