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Interpipe Ends Cooperation With French-Based Vallourec Within Joint Venture For Production Of Pipes

Interpipe Ends Cooperation With French-Based Vallourec Within Joint Venture For Production Of Pipes

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The Interpipe pipe and wheel holding company (Dnipro) has ended cooperation with the Vallourec company (France) within the framework of a joint venture for the production of pipes.

Interpipe’s press service announced this in a statement in response to an information request from the Ukrainian News Agency.

“Interpipe has ended cooperation with Vallourec within the framework of the joint venture that was established in April 2018 for the production of line pipes and their subsequent sale on the EU market. Interpipe was forced to make such a decision because it was impossible to operate this joint venture at full capacity due to the preservation of the quotas and duties on Ukrainian pipe products in the European market," the press service said in the statement.

Interpipe and Vallourec no longer manufacture or sell pipe products in the EU market within the framework of the joint venture, and line pipes have been sold on the European market under the Interpipe brand since October, as was the case before the joint venture was established.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, Interpipe and Vallourec decided to establish the joint venture based on the Interpipe Niko Tube seamless pipe plant to produce steel pipes for the European market in April 2018.

Interpipe was responsible for the manufacture of the products and their delivery to customers while Vallourec was responsible for quality control before shipment.

In particular, Interpipe rolled the pipes at the production facilities of Interpipe Niko Tube and the Interpipe NTZ plant, after which they underwent finishing and quality control at the joint venture’s finishing lines.

The manufactured products were sold on the European market under the Vallourec brand.

The first pipes were shipped in November 2018, and the joint venture reached its design capacity of 8,000-9,000 tons of pipes per month in June 2019.

Sales of pipe and wheel products by Interpipe reduced by 17% to 662,400 tons in 2020, compared with 2019.

Interpipe is the largest producer of pipes and wheels in Ukraine. It controls the Nyzhniodniprovskyi pipe rolling plant (Dnipropetrovsk region), the Novomoskovsk pipe plant (Dnipropetrovsk region), and the Niko Tube seamless pipe plant (Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region).

Interpipe commissioned the Interpipe Steel steelmaking complex in October 2012.

Vallourec is a global leader in premium tubular products for the oil & gas, energy, and other industries.

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