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Presidential Office Denies Sternenko's Call To Zelenskyy From Court After Verdict

Presidential Office Denies Sternenko's Call To Zelenskyy From Court After Verdict

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The Office of the President denies that the Odesa activist Serhii Sternenko, who was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison by the Prymorskyi District Court of Odesa, called the head of state Volodymyr Zelenskyy after the verdict.

Yuliya Mendel, Zelenskyy's press secretary, announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"The President did not receive any calls from the said convict," she assured.

In court, Sternenko allegedly called Zelenskyy.

The voice of the person who answered the call was similar to the voice of the President, however, after the "gratitude" from Sternenko, the interlocutor hung up, so it is impossible to say that the activist spoke with the head of state.

The Presidential Office denies that Zelenskyy was in touch.

Besides, after the verdict, Sternenko said that Zelenskyy had previously offered him a public office.

The presidential press secretary also denies this statement.

"The President did not offer any positions to Serhii Sternenko, since such proposals are not part of the model of social lifts, which he considers to be the best model for selecting professionals for positions," she said.

Mendel believes that "the public statements which trying to involve the President in this story politicizing the case."

"The head of state believes that he should not be part of the self-promotion attempts of any activist or politician, his name should not be used in attempts to defend himself from a court sentence," she said.

At the same time, the press secretary stressed that Zelenskyy does not interfere in investigations, does not put pressure on law enforcement agencies in any cases and relies on the independence and fairness of the law enforcement system in investigations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the court sentenced Sternenko to 7.25 years in prison for robbery and illegal handling of weapons and confiscation of 1/2 of his property.