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Court Forbids PrivatBank To Seize 247 Gas Stations Of Kolomoiskyi

Court Forbids PrivatBank To Seize 247 Gas Stations Of Kolomoiskyi

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The Economic Court of Kyiv forbade PrivatBank to seize 247 filling stations (gas stations) of businessman Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

This is evidenced by the data in the unified register of court decisions, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to them, on February 1, the court forbade PrivatBank to take measures to seize 247 gas stations, as well as other buildings that were leased by the bank to 15 companies in 2016.

The court also banned PrivatBank from taking actions aimed at restricting the use of the leased property.

Besides, the court refused 38 plaintiff companies to satisfy the petition regarding the prohibition of PrivatBank to apply to notaries for obtaining executive notes.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during August-September 2016, 120 oil depots and 248 filling stations were transferred to financial leasing by the former management of the bank to companies associated with the former owners, with subsequent lease to controlled enterprises.

Today, the debt to the bank under these financial leasing agreements is over UAH 6 billion.

In connection with the failure to pay the obligatory lease payments in accordance with the terms of the agreements, the bank, starting in 2017, unilaterally terminates these agreements and returns the real estate to the ownership of the bank.