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Ukraine Coordinates Domestic Procedures After EU Imposed Sanctions Against Lukashenko - Foreign Ministry

Ukraine Coordinates Domestic Procedures After EU Imposed Sanctions Against Lukashenko - Foreign Ministry

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After the imposition of sanctions by the European Union against Aleksandr Lukashenko, announced by the Central Election Commission of Belarus as the President, Ukraine is studying the details of this decision and agreeing on its own domestic procedures on this issue.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"We are now studying all aspects of the sanctions decision of the European Union and are in the process of processing and agreeing on domestic procedures related to this issue," the ministry's press service said in response to the agency's request.

In October, before the EU applied sanctions against Lukashenko, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine would consider joining any new sanctions against Belarusian officials if they were introduced by the EU.

After the introduction of these sanctions in early November, the Foreign Ministry insists on Ukraine's solidarity with the European position.

“Ukraine's position on the situation in Belarus is clear: we have agreed with the EU’s position on the illegitimacy of the results of the presidential election in Belarus, non-recognition of the so-called “inauguration” of Aleksandr Lukashenko, as well as on the imposition of individual sanctions on officials of the Lukashenko regime involved in violence and election fraud. We also joined the relevant EU statements," the ministry recalls.

The Foreign Ministry did not predict the timing of the decision on joining the EU sanctions against Lukashenko.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on August 9, Belarus held a presidential election, at which, according to the Central Election Commission, the turnout was 84%, and the incumbent head of state Lukashenko, who has been heading the country since 1994, won with more than 80% of the votes.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Belarus continue to go to protest actions, tens of thousands were detained during clashes with law enforcement officers, there are wounded and killed.

On September 23, the Presidential Administration of Belarus announced that the inauguration ceremony of Lukashenko had taken place, although this event was not announced and was not broadcast live.

Ukraine believes that the secret "inauguration" of Lukashenko does not mean his recognition as the legitimate President of Belarus.