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NACB Investigating Attempt To Take Possession Of PrivatBank's Assets

NACB Investigating Attempt To Take Possession Of PrivatBank's Assets

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The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating an attempt to take possession of assets belonging to PrivatBank.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau’s public oversight board announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings No. 52020000000000566 on September 4 in connection with an ongoing attempt to take possession of especially large assets belonging to PrivatBank. The likely defendants in the case include representatives of the judicial branch of government, officials of the State Bailiff, and employees of six British companies associated with the Surkis oligarchs," the statement said.

According to the statement, the Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv, headed by Judge Serhii Vovk, granted a claim that the Surkis brothers’ offshore companies filed against PrivatBank for USD 350 million on September 2.

The bank immediately announced that it would not pay this money to the Surkis.

According to the text of the court’s decision, which was published the next day, the court authorized forcible transfer of the funds and/or seizure of PrivatBank's assets if the bank refused to pay the money to the Surkis companies.

On the same day, September 3, Vovk granted applications by two Surkis-owned British companies to order PrivatBank to pay USD 165 million.

"Members of the public oversight board condemn the unprecedented violation of procedures by the Pecherskyi Court of Kyiv and Judge Serhii Vovk in particular. The board welcomes the launching of an investigation into the incident by NACB detectives and public oversight of the conduct of this investigation," the statement said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, PrivatBank filed a report with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau on August 12, accusing Vovk of committing a criminal offense.

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