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Council Of Europe Consultant Rosgoni Recommends Ukraine Postpone Implementation Of Regulation of Online Media

Council Of Europe Consultant Rosgoni Recommends Ukraine Postpone Implementation Of Regulation of Online Media

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Council of Europe Consultant Christina Rozgoni recommends Ukraine to postpone the implementation of online mass media regulation and wait for the EU to develop and test decisions in this area.

She said this during an online discussion on the bill On Media.

The consultant emphasized that in Europe only two countries have adopted legislation governing online media, and in particular the use of hate speech in this area.

But in Germany, the law that entered into force in 2019 is in the process of review.

And in France, a separate law that provides the regulator with restrictive and prohibitive powers in relation to online media and their content is declared unconstitutional by the local Constitutional Court.

"This law was found unconstitutional by the French Constitutional Court and also the European Commission warned France that it was against the European rules," Rosgoni said.

She added that the European Commission has just announced public discussions around the adoption of the Digital Single Act, which should regulate the provision of online services, including the provision of information.

A consultant to the Council of Europe called on Ukraine to wait with the introduction of online media regulation in order to be able to evaluate this decision and apply European practices in this area when they are developed and tested by practice.

“The area of regulating online media and online platforms especially is a mind feared right now, and I would definitely suggest to try to avoid pitfalls in this area and try to wait and see which solutions, which best practices are emerging right now and I’m going issue here and be very careful in that sense how to extend media regulation to this area," summed up Rosgoni.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the bill No. 2693 On Media proposed by members of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction provides for transfer of regulation of all media organizations, including online media outlets and information sharing platforms, as well as the right to ask a court to block online media, to the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council.

In mid-May, the Verkhovna Rada sent bill No. 2693 On Media for a repeated first reading.

On July 1, the parliamentary committee on humanitarian and information policy approved the revised text and recommended the Verkhovna Rada adopt it, despite the demands of a number of online media and bloggers to reject the bill.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) considers the revised version of the bill on media to strengthen the control of power over the media and requires before consideration in the Verkhovna Rada to send a document for analysis to the European Commission For Democracy through Law (Venice Commission).

The representative of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Desir, stated that the imposition of fines on the media on the basis of the vague wording of the bill No. 2693 On Media is a matter of concern.

Council of Europe consultant Jean-Francois Furnemont has recommended that the function of regulating online mass media should not be transferred to the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council.


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