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44 Participants In Conflict In Brovary Of Kyiv Region Served With Suspicion, 31 - Arrested, 8 - Under House Ar

44 Participants In Conflict In Brovary Of Kyiv Region Served With Suspicion, 31 - Arrested, 8 - Under House Arrest - Avakov

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44 participants in the conflict in Brovary of Kyiv region served with suspicion, 31 participants were arrested, and 8 are under house arrest.

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said this during an address to the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“As of this morning, 67 persons involved in the skirmish were identified, 44 were served with suspicion, including 5 in absentia. A preventive measure was chosen for 39: for 29 - detention for 60 days without the right make to bail, that is, no alternative arrest, for 2 - detention for 60 days with the right to make a bail; for 5 - round-the-clock house arrest for 60 days; for 3 – night house arrest," he said.

Avakov said that he was sorry for these people.

“I am sorry for people who got under arrest for food, housing, and UAH 800 per day and are likely to receive a real term of imprisonment for participating in an organized criminal group, but we will have no other reaction. If someone thinks he can to bring back into our lives the traditional gangster ’fixes’, criminal squabbles and the atmosphere of fear - we will respond very cruelly, with all the force of law. Let them not be surprised then,” he said.

Avakov considers the reaction of law enforcement officers to the conflict in Brovary correct.

"I believe that the police responded adequately and competently to the situation on May 29 in Brovary, but there are some complaints against the employees and heads of units regarding the possible prevention of this situation, therefore, some of them were disciplined by the head of the National Police up to removal from their posts. And this is a normal working situation, professional actions and competence of the head of the National Police of Ukraine," he stressed.

Avakov also thanked law enforcement officers and judges for the work done in this case.

Besides, the Minister of Internal Affairs said that together with members of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Prime Minister, he had initiated the issue of strengthening control over compliance with passenger transportation rules and licensing rules.

He is sure that they need to be made transparent, and control - cruel and principled, so that there is no "black" money, financing from the side of crime.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier the police conducted authorized searches of participants in the skirmish in Brovary.