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Lawyer revealed the details of the tape recorded in the office of Roman Truba

Lawyer revealed the details of the tape recorded in the office of Roman Truba

The persecution of the judge of the Pechersk court Olena Busik was organized at the request of the wifeof the national police investigator Yevgeny Shevtsov. The case was fabricated by employees of the State Security Bureau and the prosecutor's office, who had previously also worked in the National Police.

The lawyer Oleg Babich writes about this on his Facebook page, commenting on the last tapes recorded from the office of the ex-head of the SBI Roman Truba. According to Babich, he acted as a lawyer in the scandalous case which is being discussed by Truba and Udovichenko, the head of the patronage service of the SBI.

"Today, other revelatory tapes from the office of the former head of the State Bureau of Investigation Roman Truba and the head of his patronage service, OleksandrUdovichenko, have been published. They discuss thehistory of the criminal case where I act as a lawyer... Udovichenko informs his boss that his subordinates have become completely unbelted. They decided to search the Pechersk court judge Busik using a clearly fake case, which, allegedly, was initiated by the filing of the National Police investigator Yevgeny Shevtsov and his colleagues.Udovichenko explains that Shevtsov was fighting with bloggers, so the police opened a criminal case againstthose journalists, conducted searches, seized property, and the judge returned the property to bloggers. For this, the SBI registered a criminal proceeding against the judge on July 5, 2019. According to Udovichenko, the case was opened to put psychological pressure on Busik and as an indicative to punish her," writes Oleg Babich.

According to him, the verdict of the judge was lawful since there is no decision of the Court of Appeal which would cancel it. However, the SBI officers continued to secretlyput psychological pressure on the judge.

According to the lawyer, the fabricated case of Judge Busik is one of the episodes of the history of the journalist Denis Ivanov’s case, who has been persecuted by the Shevtsov spouses for a long time.

“In 2018, the National Police opened a criminal case where Yevgeny Shevtsov and Alyona Shevtsova appear to be the victims. They are allegedly victims of blackmail: the media disseminate materials that discredit them. As part of this case, a number of journalists were searched, and theirproperty, equipment, etc., were seized. After the that, the police did not arrest the property. There were no legal grounds for further holding of the property. Lawyers filed dozens of different complaints and petitions with the court, complicated legal work was carried out, and, in fact, after a year of tense struggle, the judge made a completely justifiable decision to return the property based on the submitted documents," said the lawyer.

According to him, the scandalous case brought to court continues to crumble because there are no facts of blackmail, and the whole story was invented to persecutethe journalists who had published information about the family’s assets and the business of the police officer and his family.

Oleg Babich has suggestions why the officers of the SBIdecided to put pressure on Judge Busik.

"The investigator who initiated the searches had himself previously worked in the Odessa National Police (his colleagues are now working at the headquarters and are working on the same case), and his scientific opponent is Shevtsov’s colleague - the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police. The prosecutor who agreed on this request also worked as an investigator in the Main Directorate of the National Police as the head of second department. Mr. Shevtsov now holds the position of deputy head of the same department. Is it a coincidence? Thus, it seems that the old police connections helped in this case. It should be noted that searches of the judges were not carried out - the investigating judge refused to support the request of the SBI representative,"- says the lawyer.

According to the media reports, on March 13, in the Telegram channel Trubu-prorvalo ("Трубу-прорвало"), other tapes from the office of the former director of the SBIRoman Truba were published. In the recording, voicessimilar to those of Truba and the head of his patronage service, Oleksandr Udovichenko, can be heard, and using offensive language, they discuss the search of Judge Busik, which was initiated, but was not coordinated with the leadership of the SBI.

“On September 19, 2019, Truba and Udovichenko decided to “tell” the Ukrainian society how the famous “Shevtsov case” is being investigated,” – says the Telegram channelmessage.

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