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Ukrainian news
Investigator Shevtsov’s wife was gifted 600 meters of real estate in the center of Kiev which serve as materia

Investigator Shevtsov’s wife was gifted 600 meters of real estate in the center of Kiev which serve as material evidence in a criminal case, - ICTV

The wife of Yevgeny Shevtsov, the investigator of the National Police, received a gift in form of real estate which serves as material evidence in the case that her husband had been investigating.

The information is taken from the ICTV channel program titled Nadzvychaini Novyny (Extreme News).

As the journalists found out, the property, a 600-meter non-residential building in the center of the capital, was obtained by Shevtsova at the moment when it was arrested, and this arrest was later illegally removed with the help of a criminal group of hackers.

“This case is being investigated by the department in which Shevtsov works. What a coincidence: it is his wife who received the office building as a gift, which actually serves as material evidence,” the author claims.

The news story includes a commentary by the famous journalist Serhii Ivanov, who also believes that the property was illegally obtained by the wife of the policeman.

“When an official’s wife receives ownership of propertywhich, even if just rented out, could bring up to half a million a month, and when she receives it in an absolutely incomprehensible way, without explaining anything, then, for me, this alone is reason enough to open criminal proceedings,” said Ivanov.


This case attracted the interest of some deputies: the people's deputy Oleksandra Ustinova collected 50 signatures in an appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to investigate Shevtsov’s activities. In response, the policeman hurled public insults at her. Meanwhile, the journalists and deputies who had signed their appeal to Arsen Avakov promised to keep this matter under control. Thus, Oleksandra Ustinova plans to inviteShevtsov to the next meeting of the Verkhovna Rada committee on law enforcement.

To recap, investigative journalism studio published an investigation on the property of Yevgeny Shevtsov’s wife, Alyona Shevtsova-Degrik. The journalistsfound that in 2016, she was presented with non-residential premises ​​587 square meters in size at the address: st. Shota Rustaveli, 16, Kyiv. Previously, it had belonged to a businessman Oleksii Kikireshko, the former president of Arsenal Kyiv football club. But the real estate had beenseized due to Kikireshko’s outstanding bank loans. Then, hackers broke into computers of private notaries, removed this arrest, and after several other owners, and it became the property of the Shevtsov family.

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