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Sytnik turning into main problem for relations between Ukrainian Govt and Trump – media

Sytnik turning into main problem for relations between Ukrainian Govt and Trump – media

Artem Sytnik is getting one of the most potent irritants in Ukrainian-American relations. In this respect, his stay as the NABU's director is becoming the main headache of the Ukrainian authorities

After a strategic victory, when the Republican-controlled Senate thwarted the impeachment procedure and invalidated the charges against him, Donald Trump does not move anything away from his second term. Under these conditions, Artem Sytnik's stay as director of NABU is getting Ukrainian authorities' main headache in relations with the United States

The article reads that now Trump is stronger than ever and using his victory in the US Senate to strengthen his already strong position on the threshold of the presidential election. And his main rival for the presidency, Joe Biden, has lost the primaries in Iowa, the first US state crucial for the campaign start. The reason for his defeat was his Ukrainian problems. His son, Hunter Biden, joined the board of directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma, owned by Mykola Zlochevsky, environment minister with Yanukovych administration, suspected of tax evasion of about UAH 1 billion. After Hunter Biden got hired, criminal cases against the company were closed, and Attorney General Shokin, who had investigated them, was dismissed. As Mr. Shokin claims, that was due to pressure from Joe Biden, then Vice President.

In a situation of political and economic dependence on relations with the "world policeman", the USA, Ukraine should build its policy with extreme caution, "Oboz" warns. And given the unreasonable attempts of some persons to play American politics in Ukraine, which led to the situation with the announcement of impeachment to Trump, the American president pays special attention to the presence of his main enemies in positions in Kyiv. And here Sytnik comes to the forefront, while his positions are already extremely weak due to having been recognized as corrupt by the Ukrainian courts' verdicts. After Trump won the impeachment issue, it is important for him to prove that Ukraine played up to Clinton in her campaign against him, and if she did not directly intervene in the situation with Biden, then at least she was involved somehow.

"I helped Hillary, her victory would have been beneficial for us," Artem Sytnik boasted while relaxing at a hunting base in the Rivne region. These audio recordings, distributed by MP Borislav Rosenblatt, became a real information bomb. "I also helped him, or rather not him, but Hillary ... For Trump, internal issues dominate the external ones, and Hillary is one of those politicians who are beneficial to America and the world. For us it would be better, but for the Americans what Trump's doing is better," Sytnik admitted. Also, the NABU director said his agency sent data on the "black bookkeeping" to the United States, but they did not help Clinton. "The system works fine there. When I investigated the black bookkeeping, we published the data of Robert Porter, who was put in jail. But Trump doesn't give a sh...t, "everything works fine for him. On Sunday, the FBI resumed the investigation against Hillary. Therefore, it took Trump some doing to win. I still can’t understand why Trump is fighting the FBI, because if not for them, he would not have won, " Sytnik said.

After the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine, the new authorities had to convince Trump of their loyalty to the United States and dissociate themselves from Sytnik and Co.'s amateurish political games, writes Oboz. Now Sytnik is becoming the main threat to Bankova’s attempts to build relations with the United States from scratch, and he has practically no chance of keeping the chair of the director of the anti-corruption bureau.

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