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Russia Ready To Reserve Ukrainian Gas-Transmission Capacity For Transit Of Natural Gas

Russia Ready To Reserve Ukrainian Gas-Transmission Capacity For Transit Of Natural Gas

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Russia is ready to reserve Ukrainian gas-transmission capacity for transit of natural gas.

Russia’s Minister of Energy Alexander Novak announced this after the latest round of Ukraine-Russia-European Union trilateral talks on transit of Russian natural gas in Brussels (Belgium), the TASS news agency reports.

According to TASS, Russia is ready to work under the new European legislation and reserve capacity for transportation of natural gas through Ukraine.

The minister added that Russia proposed extending the agreement on transit of natural gas through Ukraine for a short period in case of non-introduction of the new European Union requirements.

According to Novak, only legal issues involving gas transit were discussed during the talks, and the specific volumes of gas to be pumped were not discussed.

In general, the minister described the talks as "constructive for the first time in many years."

The parties agreed to resume consultations next month.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine stated that it aimed to reach agreement with the European Union and Russia on a 10-year contract for transit of up to 90 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year during the trilateral talks.

Naftogaz of Ukraine has stated that it is willing to reduce the size of its claim against Gazprom at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden) from USD 12 billion to USD 2 billion if a long-term contract for transit of natural gas through Ukraine is concluded.