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The artist - Polyakova, whose works decorated the walls of the President Zelenskyi office, will present her bo

The artist - Polyakova, whose works decorated the walls of the President Zelenskyi office, will present her book

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The popular Kiev artist Yulia Polyakova, who became even more famous after a number of her works were chosen by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyi to decorate interiors of the office of the Head of State, will soon present not only another solo exhibition of paintings, but also her first book. The artist told about it in her comments to Ukrainian News (Ukrainsky noviny).

"The "Sin City" project was originally envisioned as another series of paintings in mixmedia style. This time I chose the theme of Superheroes. During the writing process, I thought about putting a lot of meaning and sense to every of my works and I can tell a whole story about every painting. I decided to make a catalog with a description. The result was a cycle of stories, united by the place where it all happens. That is a Gotham city, which is very well known to comic’s fans and also called The Sin City. All that ended up with as storyline and the book's title, "I. AM.CAT", - said the author of paintings and books.

As noted by Julia Polyakova herself, the upcoming art event will be her 7th solo exhibition and her first experience as an author and since she, according to the artist, has a specific sense of humor, she advises taking this experiment easier.

Both the book "I.AM.CAT" and 44 paintings that served as illustrations for the stories will be presented during this opening event.

"A little bit about the characters: a lot of people took part in this project and I want to say that I think they deserve to be immortalized in time. For when our world falls and the next, more perfect humanity will find my paintings in deep underground bunker, surviving the nuclear war (which is very likely to happen), they most probably will think that gods and important personas of the previous civilization are portrayed on them", - Polyakova ironically commented on the upcoming exhibition.

At that, the master added: Yes, that`s her naked women are placed in the office of The President and in the catalog of auction house Saatchi.

You can find more information about the creative biography of Yulia Polyakova and see her paintings on personal website of the artist.

Exhibition opening and presentation of the book will take place on October 4 at 19.00 at the Spivakovska gallery of ART:EGO culture center, in Kiev at the address: Saksaganskogo street, 59b.

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