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One of the leaders of the National Police "busts chops" of IT-sphere employees for the benefit of his wife's b

One of the leaders of the National Police "busts chops" of IT-sphere employees for the benefit of his wife's business - "Stop corruption"investigation

Law enforcement officers, led by Deputy Chief of the Investigative Directorate of the National Police Yevgeny Shevtsov, systematically attack IT enterprises and paralyze the business of possible competitors of Shevtsov's wife - AlenaDegrik, as the ”Stop Corruption” journalistic investigations program reported in its Channel 5 story.

“The National Police press service reports periodically on successful searches at online casinos, posting photos of money and equipment withdrawn. However, there are no reports about the casino closure and condemnation of the persons involved,” the authors of the investigation say.

According to the journalists, the reason for the National Police's strange behavior is that investigators do not care about fighting the crime, but about protecting the business of the executive’swife, Alena Degrik. As evidence, they cite the testimony of an IT entrepreneur whose property and personal savings worth $ 17 million were confiscated. He says that while he was working on the project the police became interested in, he was contacted by Yevgeny Shevtsov and his wife’s people.

Officially, Degrik-owned “Leogaming Pey“ company accepts payments for online computer games like World of Tanks. However, according to “Stop Corruption”, it actually cooperates with online casinos banned in Ukraine. Last summer, AlenaShevtsova and the owner of the Pari-Match Yevgeny Schwindlerman became involved in a criminal case. According to the investigation, a virtual casino was operating under the Pari Match brand, which was withdrawing cash to Russia and offshore. Shevtsova's companies, in particular, Leogaming Pay, helped to withdraw the money. There are also criminal proceedings against Degrik companies, and she was accused of withdrawing funds into the Russian Federation.

The media became interested in Shevtsov after he won the competition in July 2018 for the post of head of the firstdepartment of pre-trial investigations at the SBI. According tothe ”Ukrainska Pravda” newspaper, voting for Shevtsov's candidacy turned out to be a fiction since his last name had beenon a pre-agreed list of winners that the media got access to.

"According to the declaration, Shevtsov is obliged to his wife literally for everything. He owns only a hunting rifle. Officially, his wife owns two apartments, non-residential real estate in Kiev, land and house in the Borispol district of the capital, as well as SUV Range Rover, that costs around 2 million 200 thousand ", - the investigators say.

The authors of the program claim that Yevgeny Shevtsov has not only been behind harassing the IT workers in recent years, but also behind prosecuting journalists. Even the US Embassy in Ukraine drew attention to this. In social networks, videos of cars, real estate and restaurants of the Shevtsov family were published. The author of the video, Denis Ivanov, claims that his family was persecuted for the video, and his father was searched. Authors of publications about Shevtsov are constantly being sued. The latest victim was Denis Ivanov's lawyer Masi Nayem. On September 2, Shevtsov sued him for defamation, and his wife, Alena, filed a similar complaint.

According to “Stop Corruption”, Shevtsov may move to a new Financial Investigation Service. “Only time will show whether the rumors about Shevtsov's transition to a new financial investigation service are true. But the senior management should note that potential promotion of the personnel that had worked there before can turn a real reform into a simple change of the department name, "the program authors summarize.