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Oleksii Holobutsky: The geniuses of tactics and strategy

Oleksii Holobutsky: The geniuses of tactics and strategy

A very interesting information came out that the family of Deputy Chief of the Investigative Directorate of the National Police Yevgeny Shevtsov is related to Timofey Nagorny, who the SBU suspects in high treason and relations withthe Federal Security Service of Russia. There is also information that with the Nagorny’s help, some of Shevtsov's contacts with the LDPR and the Russian Federation came into effect. Finally, Shevtsov spouses defame the reputation of the Ministry of Internal AffairsMinister Arsen Avakov by faking accusations.

To recap, Nagorny was detained by the SBU in October last year when receiving money from Russian businessman Alexei Dashutin. For 1.2 million euros, Nagorny promised to solve Dashutin's problems with Russian law enforcement agencies. To “settle” the matter, he promised to involve the Attorney General of the Russian Federation Chaika, using the mediation of the son of ex-Attorney General of Ukraine Artem Pshonka.

The conversation between Nagorny and Dashutin at the Korona restaurant in Kiev was recorded by the SBU on video. In the course of this conversation, among other things, Nagorny said that he had been recruited by the FSB during the detention on the peace march in Moscow. And his task in Ukraine was to create a pro-Russian political party to advance the foreign policy interests of the Russian Federation and destabilize the situation in Ukraine. The party was to be sponsored by fugitive Ukrainian politicians: Mykola Azarov and other ones from the Party of Regions.

And now we will talk about how Nagorny is connected with the deputy head of the National Investigation Department, Yevgeny Shevtsov.

There are two people they both know. One is PR manager Bohdan Filonenko, owner of, or, as he had previously called himself,“Vice President of the Volunteer Fund of Ukraine”. Now Filonenko is engaged in SEO-cleaning of negative references to Shevtsov and his wife. And the second person is the wife of Yevgeny Shevtsov - Alena Degrik.

Nagorny and Degrik told about cooperation in detail in their interviews with "Highway" and "Yuridicheskaya Gazeta" 

And on November 1, 2010, Leo Partners Law Firm of Alena Degrik signed a memorandum with the Legal Foundation of Volunteers of Ukraine on legal support.

The signatories were Degrik and Nagorny. Charity and volunteerism is the best legend from a financial (money laundering) and logistical (justification for changing the meeting places) point of view. There is a suspicion that prior to his arrest, Nagorny had performed some functions for the Shevtsov spouses in their “dance” with Russian financial groups that own payment systems, Russian law enforcement officers, and LDPR officials. The Security Service of Ukraine may regard this text as an official criminal charge.

Today, Filonenko cleans Shevtsov's karma in the information space.


What can this karma be cleaned of? First, information about Shevtsov patronizing the gambling business, cashing in of income from it and taking it abroad. Secondly, it creates discomfort for journalists who publish information about it.

And, perhaps, this would continue even if it were not for the next event. In an interview with Viva magazine, Alena Degrick called her husband a "real chess maestro" with "terrific analytical thinking" capable of "minimizing anyproblem."

Apparently, at some point, the maestro decided to minimizethe problem in his situation too, and organized an attack on the world wide web against Arsen Avakov, to then blame it on his opponents.

So, on August 31, the media began to quickly spread the statement made by David Arachamia on the air of the TV channel ZIK - about the "association of Arsen Avakov and the gambling business". According to some reports, the first few postings of this news were made through the agency or Publisher(previously - V.R. Native).

Then the news spread itself.

And on September 9, lawyer Masi Nayem published a post detailing how the same agency,, published paid-for material about a civil complaint of Shevtsov's wife, Alena Degrik, against one of the authors of ACAB UA. Nayem showed screenshots of the correspondence between a employee and an editor for one of the media.

The correspondence was about the pre-paid placement of news of the Degrik’s complaint. The text of this news was attached. A few hours after the correspondence, the news was published on three sites. These sites are in the public domain price list of, which is publicly available.

The news came out on September 4. The mediator between the customer and was the already mentioned Filonenko. And now the final part of the Ballet de la Merlaison. The icing on the cake. On September 9, several news sources reported that the authors of the publications on Shevtsov's activities were allegedly the same "black PR people" who dispersed Arachamia's statement about Avakov. The text starkly conveyed the idea that Shevtsov and Avakov were being attacked by the same people.

Who posted the news that tries to show connection between Shevtsov and Avakov? Of course, it was the agency The news about Avakov and Shevtsov on September 9, and the statement of Arachamia on August 31, and the news of Degrik’s complaint have all been published by the same contractors. And one more detail is important: all three news came out on one and the same, once respected site, which is constantly working with.

At the same time, in the case of Arachamia’s statement, this site was the primary source, since it referred directly to the ZIK program.

This is called friendly fire and a desperate foul.

Realizing that the information available about him not only frustrates his hope to get a position in the new Financial Investigation Service, but also to at least remain in the National Police, Shevtsov ensures that all the hate goes toAvakov while he would be hiding behind his back, slowly getting closer to the minister.

Shevtsov spouses came up with a beautiful idea - the public negativity is aimed at the minister because he leads the department. And Shevtsov earns money meanwhile.

To find out the truth, we advise Arsen Avakov to ask Yevgeny whether it was he who ordered the placement of the above-mentioned news or not.

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