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Compromised personnel from the National Police should not get into the new financial investigation service, -

Compromised personnel from the National Police should not get into the new financial investigation service, - Masi Nayyem

The liquidation of the economic unit of the National Police should not end with a mere change of the name without replacing the old staff.

The lawyer, partner of the law firm “Miller” Masi Nayyem wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“I have an insider information that the good news for the business will soon turn out not so good. The economic unit in the National Police has been liquidated. The colleagues in our company, and indeed, everyone in the legal business would not question the thesis that this economic unit was the most outrageous in relation to business. It is good that it has been liquidated. However… The deputy head of the department is Evgeny Shevtsov. Today, A.Avakov said that the new body, “the financial investigation service will become an analytical centre that will attract the best personnel from all departments.” This confirms my insider information that Shevtsov will probably continue working in the new department”, Nayyem said.

He recalled that Shevtsov is a defendant in a number of journalistic investigations, in particular, of Ukrayinska Pravda,, and Radio Svoboda. The lawyer also emphasized that Shevtsov and his subordinates put pressure on Professor Valery Ivanov, and the re-appointment of the policeman to a new service will be negatively perceived by international organizations which the professor collaborates with.

“I hope that Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk is wise enough and will not allow that the liquidation of this unit turns into a simple change of name,” summed up Masi Nayyem.

To recap, on September 2, during its first meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers liquidated the Department of Economic Defence of the National Police. According to the Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, the police should not interfere in business. And, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, a single body should be created in the country to deal with economic crimes.