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Blocking the site "Korrespondent" by Shevtsov and Degrik creates a dangerous precedent, - Mishchishin

Blocking the site "Korrespondent" by Shevtsov and Degrik creates a dangerous precedent, - Mishchishin

Attempts to block the website create a dangerous precedent for all Ukrainian media as it creates an impression that the activity of any media can be blocked because it published some unwanted materials. It turns out that any official or police officer who does not like what the media write about him or her can “punish” the website.

Mikhail Mishchishin made this claim as an economist.

Mishchishin commented on the situation with the Korrespondent website, which the Pechersk district court of Kiev ordered to block for publishing news about the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine Yevgeny Shevtsov and his wife Alena Degrik. So far, the site is still working, appealing against the court decision.

According to the expert, the Korrespondent website published information that other sources spread further linking to the website as the original source. Publications on the acts of Shevtsov and Degrik were enough. In particular,‘Nashi Hroshi” with Denis Bigus, Oleksandr Dubinsky with Yevgeny Plinsky, and the business publication Mind have carried out the investigation.

As Mishchishin noted, the journalists found that the Shevtsov-Degrik spouses appear in criminal proceedings as suspects for money laundering, transferring the money to the Russian Federation, and being involved in Russian payment services banned by the Security Service of Ukraine. They are also suspected in financing the militants of the self-proclaimed republics (LPR and DPR). In particular, the journalists drew attention to incomprehensible sources of spouses’ income.

“Perhaps, these programs and articles caught the eye of the members of the competition committee for the selection of employees of the State Security Bureau, where Shevtsov tried to apply. He did not get the position at the State Bureau, and, obviously, blamed the journalists who revealed information about his luxurious life. His reaction was not long in coming, and now, Shevtsov takes revenge on sites that publish information about him. As bloggers write, such publishers as Glavkom, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, Ukrainian News and others who dared to publish the information where Shevtsov appears not in a good light may also fall “victims”, the expert said.

Mishchishin emphasized that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies act in the worst traditions of the KGB in this case, using their capabilities and influence to settle personal accounts. And this story once again proves that the new law enforcement agencies act in the same way (if not worse) than their predecessors.

"Their intention is clear: to scare those who wrote and published the results of investigations through closingseveral web sites so that others do not dare do the same to anyone of those in power. Obviously, representatives of the authorities must intervene in the situation, especially those who declared that no official will stay unpunished only on the grounds that he or she has some power. Otherwise, the situation may go too far, "said Mikhail Mishchishin.

Previously, political analyst Kirill Sazonov commended onthis situation. He does not exclude that Yevgeny Shevtsov will block all the media that dared to print at least some controversial information about him.

In particular, Glavkom, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, Ukrainian News, and Channel 24 could be blocked for publishing materials about persecution of the family of the journalism professor Valery Ivanov by Yevgeny Shevtsov.

As Glavkom reported, in the fall of 2018, a group of investigative journalists led by Valery Ivanov’s son, Denis, published a photo of the Range Rover car, apartments in Kiev, a country house, as well as restaurants Touch Café and “Zolote Runo” in the Facebook group ACAB.UA. According to journalists, this property belongs to Yevgeny Shevtsov and his wife Alena Degrik. ACAB.UA also wrote that Alena Degrik, the owner of Leogaming Pay, was withdrawing money from bookmakers and online casinos to Russia.

Denis Ivanov is currently abroad. According to him, his wife and children are in danger. Valery Ivanov believes that through persecuting his son’s family, the police is trying to put pressure on him.

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