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Ukrainian news
Underlustrated Yanukovych official may get to AIMA, - according to a blogger

Underlustrated Yanukovych official may get to AIMA, - according to a blogger

Vladimir Orlov, who is applying for the post of head of territorial administration of the National Agency for Investigation and Management of Assets (AIMA), is a representative of the Yanukovych team and was involved in corruption schemes.

Blogger Mikhail Shneyder writes about it on his Facebook page.

He reminded that Orlov, who is the head of the Sumy and Lugansk customs, is known as a "schemer":

"He is considered to be a protege of ex-minister OleksandrKlimenko. Also, those in the know claim that Orlov was involved in organizing smuggling schemes related to transit cargoes at the Luhansk Customs and illegal customs clearance of cars. In 2014, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief of the Main Department of Procedural Management of SPD, even though he had to be lustrated according to thelaw, "the blogger writes.

According to him, he was fired by the Attorney General Viktor Shokin, including for the reason that he personally distributed and took prestigious posts, and also demanded bribes. For example, Odessa activists claimed that he demanded $ 300,000 from them.

Shneyder notes that Orlov is now the head of the public organization " Syla (Strength) of Ukraine".

"Apparently, it brings him a good income. It is enough to look at his wife, who flaunts in fur coats that cost... $ 50,000 and buys clothes from very expensive brands. At the same time, Vladimir Orlov does now own any business that can bring such income, "sums up the blogger.

According to Mikhail Shneyder, state leaders should intervene in the situation since a person with such a reputation cannot search and seize assets as he cannot prove the origin of his own ones.

As reported by the media, Vladimir Orlov is a business partner of the deputy head of the National Police Directorate Yevgeny Shevtsov, who applied to the position of one of the heads of the SSU and whose candidacy was not approved by the director of the department Roman Truba. Shevtsov and his wife Alena Degrik have been subjects of journalistic investigations, where details of Degrik's business related to gaming services and payment systems banned in Ukraine have been revealed. Recently, Shevtsov and Degrik have been featured in another scandal involving an attempt to block the distribution of information about their activities.