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A police official can close known sites with the help of the court, - blogger Sazonov

A police official can close known sites with the help of the court, - blogger Sazonov

Well-known sites - Glavkom, Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, Ukrainian News, and the website of Channel 24 may be closed by the court order.

The famous blogger Kirill Sazonov writers about this in anarticle on website.

According to him, the "fault" of these sites is that they published news and articles about the persecution of the Professor Valery Ivanov’s family by one of the leaders of the National Police.

"I’ll explain what the matter is. Ivanov’s son, Denis Ivanov, is related to the Facebook group ACAB.UA, which published journalistic investigations of a number of high-ranking officials. One of them was Yevgeny Shevtsov, deputy head of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police. In a nutshell, Shevtsov applied for the position in the State Bureau of Investigation last year, but his family’s material assets raised a lot of questions: where did the young law enforcement’s family get all the luxury cars, expensive apartments, country houses, restaurants from? Why is the finance company of his wife Alena Degrik involved in so many criminal cases? As a result, the State Bureau of Investigation director Roman Truba rejected Shevtsov as a candidate. Soon after that, criminal cases were filed by the National Police against the authors of the investigations", writes the blogger.

Sazonov noted that Denis Ivanov was forced to leave Ukraine because of threats of physical harm as his young children were in danger. Meanwhile, Shevtsov uses the administrative resource and his subordinates to put pressure on the Ivanov family.

“They want to “prove” they are members of an organized criminal group! And the leadership turns a blind eye to this for no apparent reason. But Shevtsov puts pressure not only on the Ivanov family. Last month, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev decided to oblige providers to block a number of sites that published articles about Shevtsov. Allegedly, materials were published to blackmail the police chief, "Sazonov said.

The blogger suggested that Yevgeny Shevtsov could go further and block all the media that had negative publications about him. In his opinion, such behavior ruins not only Shevtsov’s reputation, but also the reputation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs leadership.

Also on his blog, Sazonov recalls that the Shevtsov spouses appear in a criminal case where they are suspected of money laundering and withdrawing funds in Russia.

“The business newspaper Mind found out that Alena Degrik and her payment system Leo are one of the stakeholders of the Tyme payment system, which transferred funds using Russian payment systems prohibited in Ukraine. Tyme's activities were officially documented by the SSU, and the National Bank closed the system. Alena Degrik went to the court for a rebuttal. But journalists published additional evidence. The court proceedings continue. In 2015, 1 + 1 journalists Oleksandr Dubinsky and Yevgeny Plinsky investigated whether Alena Degrik has any connections with the Fast Pay company, involved in financial activities in the occupied territories. Dzerkalo Tyzhnia wrote articles on the same topic. The Prosecutor General’s Office, SSU, State Security Bureau and the National Police opened several criminal cases against Yevgeny Shevtsov and Alena Degrik, who were accused of laundering the money gained by illegal means, fictitious entrepreneurship, gambling prohibited in Ukraine, abuse of authority and, finally, financing of terrorism in the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics. In particular, the companies of Shevtsov’s wife, Leogaming and FC Leogaming Pay, are suspected of illegal transfers of funds to Russia from a bookmaking business prohibited in Ukraine. According to investigators, the annual transaction reached $ 350 million, "Sazonov adds.

According to him, Yevgeny Shevtsov and Alena Degrik own a Range Rover car, luxurious apartments in expensive neighborhood of Kiev, a country house, Touch Café restaurant in the center of Kiev and ‘Zolote Runo” in Odessa. Despite such assets, Shevtsov applied for the position in the State bureau of investigation and even won it. However, the director of the SBI Roman Truba refused to appoint him to a leading position since the journalists of “Schema” program, jointly with Radio Svoboda and the TV channel UA: First, found out that the commission members came to the final meeting with an already prepared list of winners.

Sazonov notes that despite the fact that Shevtsov was not able to take the position in the SBI, he continues to work in the National Police.

As noted before, the commission on journalistic ethics appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov with a request to solve the issue and assess the behavior of its subordinates, who put pressure on the President of the Association of Ukrainian Press Valery Ivanov.