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One of the leaders of the National Police takes revenge on a journalist for investigating the financial state

One of the leaders of the National Police takes revenge on a journalist for investigating the financial state of his family, - the media

Investigators of the National Police are trying to punish the authors of journalistic investigations on the deputy chief of the Main Investigation Department, Yevgeny Shevtsov, and his wife, entrepreneur Alena Degrik.  ”Glavkom” website has unveiled the circumstances of the persecution.

According to the chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Serhii Tomilenko, Shevtsov’s subordinates are persecuting the president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, professor Valery Ivanov, and putting pressure on his son Denis Ivanov, also a journalist.

"We see it as a revenge for the information that was published by Denis Ivanov. It is absolutely outrageous when our colleague is being persecuted ... And it has been going on since May. Therefore, we offer the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Police to finally resolve this issue and stop those subordinates who put the reputation of the whole institution at risk," said the chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Serhii Tomilenko.

"Obviously, they (the police) have something to hide. Thus, they use the administrative resources. We support Ivanov and will ensure this story goes public," assured the Director General of the Ukrainian Association of Media Business Oleksii Pogorelov.

Last autumn in the Facebook group  ACAB.UA, which Denis Ivanov is related to, photos of a Range Rover car, luxurious apartments in expensive neighborhood of Kiev, a country house of the policeman and his wife, as well as photos of his restaurant in the center of Kiev called Touch Café and a restaurant club "Zolote Runo" in Odessa,  were published. ACAB also published the story about accusation of Degrik's company Leogaming Pay of withdrawing funds from bookmakers and online casinos in Russia.

Denis Ivanov is now abroad, claiming that in Ukraine, his wife and two young children are in danger. According to Ivanov’s lawyers, the police is trying to make the family seem to be organizers of a criminal group whose purpose was supposedly to collect information about famous people.

"Shevtsov has the right to defend his honor and reputation in the manner prescribed by the law. Instead, he becomes a criminal when he uses the state machine, supported by the money of the taxpayers, for his personal purposes. Criminal cases are being fabricated, searches are being conducted, property is being seized. That’s what’s happening now. I am convinced that the managers of Shevtsov either don’t notice this or don’t want to notice,” says Oleg Babich, Denis Ivanov’s lawyer.

"NV" radio host and " Ukrayinska Pravda" blogger Dmitry Tuzov believes that the journalistic project, where Shevtsov family was investigated, has nothing to do with the so-called "Varchenko case."

"Opening a criminal case against people who have posted information about luxury apartments, houses, restaurants and cars of an official is normal only in Russia. It is surprising that the National Police does not understand this," the journalist says.

To recap, this week, the Commission on Journalistic Ethics has issued an open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine Serhii Knyazev with an appeal to stop the police prosecution of the president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press Professor Valery Ivanov