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Elena Filiniuk from Abbott Laboratories becomes commercial department director of Darnitsa

Elena Filiniuk from Abbott Laboratories becomes commercial department director of Darnitsa

By appointing yet another professional top-manager the company confirms its readiness to take business to the international level and become an absolute leader on the Ukrainian market.

Elena Filiniuk, former regional marketing director of the international pharmaceuticals corporation Abbott Laboratories GmbH, has been appointed the new head of the commercial department of pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, the company’s press service reported.

She has become the third world-class top-manager to join the company over the past year. In January 2019 Andrey Obrizan, executive officer with an experience in international companies, was appointed the CEO of the company.  Before that DmytroShymkiv, former deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine joined Darnitsa in September 2018. He became the head of the Darnitsa ruling company.

Elena Filiniuk used to work in the international companies Bayer, Janssen, MSD (Merk), Pfizer, Abbott.

Elena succeeded in assuring a stable business model and strategy for main directions of pharmaceuticals business development. She is also experienced in the development and realization of yearly strategic plans, providing organic and inorganic growth with the definitive allocation of recourses in the region, expansion of the product portfolio.

Elena Filiniuk received a medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology and an MA in Economics. 

Also, the new Darnitsa’s commercial director has completed marketing course of the Edinburg Business School, effective team management course of the Columbia Business School and the Kellogg School of Marketing, Chicago course of strategic marketing communications in the digital era.  

“A true leader with valuable experience in the global pharmaceutical business joined Darnitsa. This appointment confirms Darnitsa’s readiness to become an international company and gain absolute leadership in the Ukrainian market. Elena’s managing experience, her competence in strategic planning and business development will help our company to gain these ambitious goals in terms of strong competition as soon as it possible,” Andrey Obrizan, CEO of the pharmaceuticals company Darnitsa said, commenting on the new appointment.

Elena Filiniuk thinks that Ukraine nowadays undergoes the stage of development and growth in different industries. And one of the spheres, our country must push to the next level – is the pharmaceuticals business, she claimed.

 “Today I put my bet on the national pharmaceuticals business, in particular - on Darnitsa,” Elena Filiniuk told the company’s press service; – “Firstly, it is the successful pharmaceuticals company with longstanding history and traditions. Secondly, Darnitsa is a producer of more than 250 brands of high-quality medical agents. Every fifth Ukrainian gets medical aid thanks to Darnitsa’s medicine.”

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has been a leader in pharmaceuticals products in volume terms sales since 1998.  The product portfolio of Darnitsa includes some 250 brands of medical agents. The strategic directions of the company’s portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, pain problems.  Darnitsa exports its products to 16 countries.

The company’s net profit from sales in 2018 grew by 18.7 percent, to UAH 3.002 billion. Glib Zagoriy is the beneficiary of the company.

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