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Tymoshenko Promises To Halve Gas Price For Households Within 30 Days After Inauguration As President

Tymoshenko Promises To Halve Gas Price For Households Within 30 Days After Inauguration As President

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Presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the Batkivschyna Party, has promised that the gas prices for households will be halved within 30 days after her inauguration if elected the president of Ukraine.

This is said in her election platform entitled "New Course of Ukraine," Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The election platform is available on the website of the Central Election Commission.

"In the first month of work of the new president the gas prices will be halved, which also means lower tariffs of heat energy and hot water. We will direct the gas of Ukrainian production only for the needs of the population. We will build LNG-terminals for importation of liquefied gas originating not in Russia and that will cut the gas price for the industry. We will create conditions for swift development of renewable energy: solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and others. Full-fledged market of electric energy will be introduced to create real competition and to cut the electric tariffs. We will completely de-monopolize gas imports and will prove trading in all energy resources at exchanges to form transparent prices and to reduce the prices. The government will be quickly developing the own coal industry instead of importing expensive foreign coal," reads the election platform.

Tymoshenko promises to consolidate the Ukrainian army to modernize the armed forces of the country in compliance with the standards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). She promises to return the occupied territories through military-diplomatic means, to restore peace in compliance with the Budapest memorandum, and to take from compensations for the damage from the Russian Federation.

She also promises to withdraw from the Constitution of Ukraine provisions immunity of the President, judges, members of the parliament. She promises to cut the number of members of the parliament from the current 450 to 350.

"The citizens will obtain an undisputed right to replace the central and local authorities any moment through referendums on initiatives of people… local judges and commissioners will be elected by people without any political advertising. The citizens will be provided with the right for legislative initiative in the form of petitions," reads the platform.

Tymoshenko promises to immediately adopt a law introducing unified tax on a hectare of farmland. She also promises introduction of compulsory medical insurance of employees by employers. The tax burden on enterprises will be halved simultaneously.

"A special law will be adopted for provision of a program of micro-crediting. In compliance with the law, every Ukrainian commercial bank will open a department for micro-crediting and to create a database of thousands of business plans undergone banking assessment. The volume of one micro-credit will not top an equivalent of USD 100,000. Such micro-credits will be provided without security for 3% per annum on the base of compulsory insurance of risks," reads the platform.

Tymoshenko also promises to establish the state fund for insurance of mortgage credits.

"The mortgage loan with insurance will provide purchase of housing without any first installment and without security under special insurance of risks. After correction of the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine and curbing inflation the price of loans, including mortgage ones, will be no higher than 3% per annum. Mortgage loans will be given for periods of up to 30 years," reads the platform.

Tymoshenko promises that UAH 50,000 will be paid for the birth of the first child, UAH 100,000 for the second child, and UAH 150,000 for the third child.

She promises that the sums will be paid within the first week after the birth.

"We have the goal for the next five years of gradually increasing the average wage to the level of average wage in Poland in the terms of the USD. The average wage in Poland is 3.5 times the average wage in Ukraine at present," reads the platform.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Tymoshenko promises to introduce the tax on withdrawn capital instead of the profit tax if elected the president in 2019.

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