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NACB And SACPO Trying To Intimidate My Sister - Maksym Berezkin

NACB And SACPO Trying To Intimidate My Sister - Maksym Berezkin

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Former supervisory board chairperson of the Creative Group, Maksym Berezkin, has told the Ukrainian News Agency that certain people are trying to make his sister, Viktoriya, stay abroad.

"Viktoriya is abroad on personal grounds. She has not been hiding from anyone, and is always in touch. Neither her lawyers nor she have been provided with any documents. At the same time, the NACB detectives and personally Deputy Prosecutor General / Special Anticorruption Prosecutor, Nazar Kholodnytskyi, use the media to shape an opinion of the masses that Viktoriya escaped from justice abroad. They aim to intimidate her to make her stay there in order to later use that fact to manipulate public opinion, as her stay abroad would mean she has to be guilty, and if she is, the whole family is," Creative Group's former head said.

Berezkin noted that that the new bodies [NACB and SACPO] destined to fight corruption were acting in an outdated way.

"Our case shows that law enforcers' methods have not changed a lot. Within the framework of the same meeting of the parliamentary regulations committee, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Yurii Lutsenko) condemned the practice of detaining people under suspicion of economic frauds, however, added that the NACB and the SACPO were utilizing somewhat different approach. That means that the prosecutor general accepted that the new bodies established to fight corruption acted employing outdated methods. That is a bad news for the business and all those who hope that Ukraine is moving towards Europe," he concluded."

As earlier reported, the NACB and the SACPO are investigating a criminal case upon alleged involvement of member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Stanyslav Berezkin, and his family in embezzlement by the Creative Group of USD 20 million allocated by Kyiv-based Oschadbank (Savings Bank) state-run bank. In 2015, the Berezkins themselves sold the Group to a new owner along with the debt obligations including payables due 2017.

In November 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not support the recommendation of Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko to terminate parliamentary immunity of Stanyslav Berezkin having declared the evidence in possession of the PGO not convincing.