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Ukrainian news
Rada Approves Imposition Of 30-Day Martial Law In 8 Regions And Azov-Kerch Water Zone

Rada Approves Imposition Of 30-Day Martial Law In 8 Regions And Azov-Kerch Water Zone

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has approved the President Petro Poroshenko's Decree on imposition of 30-day martial law in eight border-adjacent regions (Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Mykolayiv, Odesa, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson) and in the water zones near the Kerch Strait.

A total of 276 parliamentary members backed respective bill 9338, when 226 votes were enough to pass the decision, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.
Initially, the presidential decree provided for imposition of martial law in the whole territory of Ukraine for the period of 60 days starting November 26, 2 p.m. until January 25, 2019, 2 p.m.
After certain consultations, Poroshenko decided to cut the term of the martial law to 30 days to ensure holding of the presidential election campaign (next regular presidential election should take place on March 31, 2019),
Poroshenko said he intended to impose martial law starting November 28, 9 a.m.
Right before the voting, Poroshenko said that martial law would be imposed only in the territories of border regions and water zones only if the Russian Federation decided to conduct an offensive.
The decree orders the military command, Ministry of Interior Affairs, other executive bodies and local self-government bodies to take measures and fulfill authorities provided for by the Law of Ukraine On Legal Regime Of Martial Law required to ensure defense capacity, protect safety of the population and interests of the state.
In compliance with the decree, martial law envisions temporary limitation of constitutional rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian citizens, introduction of temporary limitation of rights and legal interests of legal entities within frames of the measures under martial law.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is urged to implement the plan for imposition and taking of martial law measures and provision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units with materiel and property, services and financing within volumes required for effective implementation of the tasks.
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) along with regional state administrations and other state bodies has to immediately put civil protection system facilities on full alert.
Regional state administrations and local self-government bodies have to establish defense councils and ensure assistance to the military command within martial law.
The decree takes effect simultaneously with the enactment of the law.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Petro Poroshenko has enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) dated November 26 on taking special measures to protect state sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and on imposition of martial law.
The NSDC stated that the Russia's aggression against Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait was a crime.

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