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IMI Experts Call World's Leading Media Unreliable

IMI Experts Call World's Leading Media Unreliable

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A number of world's authoritative media have become the focus of the rating prepared by the IMI and the and entitled News Anti-Rating. TOP-50 Ukrainian Websites Analysis, in which they were called unreliable.

This follows from the update of the rating posted on the website of

The IMI experts have put the's story entitled Moving Lips And Shaking Head. Web-Community Laughing At Trump For Not-Knowing American Anthem Lyrics into the category 'unreliable source'.

As it turned out, the source of the news was one of the most authoritative American news website, The Huffington Post, and its story entitled Trump Attempts To Sing National Anthem But Can’t Be Bothered To Finish.

Another story that gained the 'unreliable' status was the one by Glavcom online media outlet called China's External Commodity Turnover Up 8.8% In 5M.

In its news, Glavcom cited the information provided by the Xinhua News Agency (China), which is one of five world's leading agencies, which was the source of the official statistics on China.

It is noteworthy that the IMI experts were particularly picky towards a number of examined media. In their review of the's news, they called unreliable the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a source used to receive information about results of a voting, a news story about the law posted by the Holos Ukrainy official parliamentary newspaper, as well as reports of Russian official news agencies TASS and Interfax. The IMI also found unreliable the annual report of the National Bank of Ukraine in one of the Podrobnosti online media outlet's stories. According to the experts, NewsOne TV channel also used a couple of 'unreliable' sources such as press-secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine, press-service of the National Police of Ukraine and politician Mykhailo Dobkin, who was personally interviewed by the TV channel. The Interfax-Ukraine's 'unreliable' sources were draft decisions of stockholders of one of the Ukrainian mining and processing plants, a comment given by a court press-secretary on some court ruling, and information from a resident correspondent they received at a parliamentary meeting.

According to the IMI rating, press-services of the parliamentary parties and various politicians were also 'unreliable' as the sources for news published by some other media.

Earlier, Ukrainska Pravda employees had commented under the Romaniuk's post saying that according to the IMI and, the 'unreliable sources' were Oleh Sentsov's lawyer, who reported on the state of Ukrainian filmmaker's health, and the head of the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company, who covered the issue of Ukrnafta's activity. Besides, the IMI called 'unreliable source' the news Ukrainska Pravda posted with the reference to Hromadske, while the rating made up by the Institute (IMI) mentioned no discrepancies in the news issued by Hromadske itself.

Ukrainska Pravda's Editor-In-Chief, Sevgil Musayeva-Borovyk, blamed Romaniuk for being unaware of Enkorr, an authoritative energy media outlet, which was also referred to as 'unreliable source' by IMI. "Just because you do not know such a media outlet, it does mean the source is unreliable," she wrote.

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