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Chubarov: No Ethnic Conflicts In Crimea Before Russian Annexation

Chubarov: No Ethnic Conflicts In Crimea Before Russian Annexation

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Chairperson of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people / Verkhovna Rada member of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction Refat Chubarov says there were no ethnic conflicts in Crimea before the Russian annexation of the peninsular.

He said this during the trial of former president Viktor Yanukovych on charges of high treason in the Obolonskyi District Court of Kyiv on Thursday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I do not know facts in Crimea before February 27, 2014, of bloodshed because of ethnic conflicts. There was nothing of the sort!" he said.

He called absurd Russian authorities' statements about danger allegedly faced Russian-speaking locals in Crimea during the Euromaidan.

He said he did not believe Russia would dare to annex Crimea.

"I was sure there would be the Abkhazian scenario," he said.

According to Chubarov, a man contacted him late in January - early February 2014 on behalf of Vladislav Surkov, the aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to organize a meeting on Crimea.

Chubarov refused to have the meeting.

The Chairperson of the Mejlis also told about the seizure of the Supreme Council of the Crimean Autonomous Republic by Russian military on February 27, 2014.

He said in particular that the gunmen had a lot of small arms and four BTR armored personnel carriers.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Anatolii Mohyliov has said that the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) should have launched an anti-terrorist operation (ATO) or imposed martial law in the Crimea during the seizure of the peninsula by Russia.

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