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DGF Finds Purchaser For Loan Of UIA Secured With 2 Boeing 737-500 Planes

DGF Finds Purchaser For Loan Of UIA Secured With 2 Boeing 737-500 Planes

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The Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) has found a purchaser for loans of the Ukraine International Airlines air company secured with two planes Boeing 737-500.

The results of the auction is posted on the website of ProZorro.Sales, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

On November 6, there was an auction on sale of a loan given by Zlatobank against the security of two planes Boeing 737-500 (appraised cost amounts to UAH 146 million).

The credit agreement was signed in January 2012.

The debt on credit is over UAH 558 million.

In addition to the two planes the security also includes property right for money within an agreement on charter flights appraised at UAH 167 million.

The DGF put the asset up for sale for UAH 281 million in April 2017. However, the Deposit Guarantee Fund failed to sell it then.

Two companies participated in the auction on November 8 - the limited liability company Helinen and the limited liability company Khakster. The latter offered UAH 124.964 million for the asset and Helinen offered UAH 124.963 million.

The limited liability company Khakster was registered in Kyiv on October 27, 2017.

The statutory capital of the limited liability company is UAH 10,000. Oleh Kuleshov is its founder and director.

Heline was founded by Serhii Shevtsov in April 2017.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in compliance with the international accounting standards, in 2016, Kyiv-based Ukraine International Airlines air company received net profit of UAH 387.885 million.

In 2016, the airlines increased its net revenues by 35.8% or UAH 4.696 billion year over year to UAH 17.829 billion.

The UIA fleet consists of 42 aircraft, of which 22 are Boeing 737 NG.

One of the ultimate beneficiaries of the airline company is PrivatBank's former co-owner Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

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