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Germany, France Demand Immediate Seizure Of Fire In Donbas

Germany, France Demand Immediate Seizure Of Fire In Donbas

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The Republic of Germany and the Republic of France demand from the sides of the conflict in Donbas (Eastern Ukraine) to seize fire immediately.

This is said in a joint statement of Germany and France that followed the meeting of the Normandy Four leaders (Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia), published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel called on the sides of the conflict to comply with the agreements signed in Minsk (Minsk Agreements, the Republic of Belarus) in full.

In particular, the leaders demand disengagement of forces and pulling heavy military hardware away from the line of contact, as priority conditions.

In addition, leaders of Germany and France demanded to conduct prisoners exchange all-for-all before the end of the year.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, countries-participants of the Normandy Four format intend to hold the next meeting at the level of foreign advisors in late August.

The Normandy Four leaders agreed to continue working on a roadmap for implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

At a Normandy Four teleconference meeting, Macron and Merkel decried statements of the self-proclaimed leaders of the self-styled Donetsk People's Republic about creation of the Malorossiya state.