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OilNews Announces Attempts To Seize Control Of Its Domain Name And Logo By Corporate Raiders

OilNews Announces Attempts To Seize Control Of Its Domain Name And Logo By Corporate Raiders

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Corporate raiders have attempted to seize control of the OilNews publication's domain name (oilnews.com.ua) and the logo that its website has been using since its establishment in 2009.

The website's editorial office announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"On June 22, 2017, Judge Pikhur of the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv fully upheld a lawsuit filed by Oleh Oleshko, who asked the court to register the oilnews.com.ua domain name to him. Recently, it also became known that Oleshko applied to Ukrpatent patent agency for registration of the OilNews trademark, which designer Nadiya Kovalenko designed in 2009 specifically as the website's logo," the statement said.

The writing staff of OilNews believes that the initiator of the attempted takeover of the website and its intellectual property (in the form of its brand name) is the Ukrnafta company's Vice President for Legal Affairs Viacheslav Kartashov.

"Pressure from Kartashov and Ukrnafta began in January 2016, when OilNews launched an investigation into schemes that were used to transfer UAH 14 billion from Ukrnafta in 2015," the statement said.

According OIlNews, in March 2016, the limited liability company NIK.UA, a domain name registrar, received from Oleshko an application for registration of oilnews.com.ua. In August 2016, Oleshko sued NIK.UA and demanded that the domain name registrar register oilnews.com.ua for him.

On April 4, 2017, Oleshko sent an application to Ukrpatent for registration of logo OilNews.

"The aim is clear - to close the mouth of those who have been writing the story of robbery of Ukrnafta, in which 50% of shares belong to the State, for several years. Maybe, Kartashov and Oleshko are good lawyers, but not more than this. Even if they manage to seize OilNews, there will appear another media outlet with a new logo but with the same collective who have exposed a lot of bribe-takers and participants in scams," said Serhii Kuiun, the author of OilNews.

The writing staff of OilNews has prepared an open letter to Andrii Kobolev, the chairperson of the supervisory board of Ukrnafta, Mark Rollins, Ukrnafta board chairperson, and Ihor Kolomoiskyi, representative of minority shareholders.

In response to the open letter, Ukrnafta denies involvement in the attempt of takeover of the domain name oilnews.com.ua and the logo of the website.

"The Company (Ukrnafta) has nothing to do with the litigation and is not a side in it. For this reason, its is necessary to apply to Oleh Oleshko for comments, as he is mentioned in the letter as a participant in the litigation," reads the statement by the press service of Ukrnafta.

OilNews is a Ukrainian online publication that has been covering the market of crude oil and oil products since 2009. More than 4,000 people read the website daily.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, law enforcement officials detained the editor-in-chief of the strana.ua online publication, Ihor Huzhva, on suspicion of extortion on June 22.

Earlier, Huzhva announced that law enforcement officers had conducted searches in the editorial office of the strana.ua online publication.

Huzhva linked the searches in the online publication's editorial office to the publication's criticism of Member of Parliament Dmytro Linko of the Oleh Liashko Radical Party faction.

Huzhva considers the case against him fabricated.

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