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Putin Arrives In Crimea For Meeting Of Russian Interregional Forum

Putin Arrives In Crimea For Meeting Of Russian Interregional Forum

Crimea, Ukraine, Putin, forum, Yalta

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Yalta (Russian-annexed Crimea) on Wednesday to attend the meeting of a Russian interregional forum.

The press service of the Kremlin announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Vladimir Putin is attending the plenary session of the Russian popular front forum "Action Forum: Crimea," the press service said in the statement.

According to the statement, the main topics of the forum include energy, gas supply, development of the agricultural industry and the tourism potential of the peninsula, increasing the accessibility and quality of education in the housing and utility services sector, environmental issues, and preservation of cultural heritage.

About 350 people are invited to participate in the forum, including Crimean and Sevastopol civil society activists, experts, and representatives of professional associations (doctors, teachers, agricultural workers, scientists, and entrepreneurs).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested against Putin's visit to the Crimea in August without Ukraine’s approval.

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