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Auctions Of Bankrupt Banks' Assets On ProZorro.Prodazhi To Begin In Early November

Auctions Of Bankrupt Banks' Assets On ProZorro.Prodazhi To Begin In Early November

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Auctions of assets of bankrupt banks on the ProZorro.Prodazhi electronic auction platform will begin in two weeks (within the first ten days of November).

Yulia Bereschenko, the director of the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund's department of consolidated sales and asset management, announced this at a roundtable, Ukrainian News reports.

"For the initial auctions, we have a period 21 days between the announcement and the beginning to give the market time to get acquainted with the assets. For repeat auctions, it is 10 working days. Therefore, we will see sales after new accreditations within the next two weeks (within the first 10 days of November)," she said.

Bereschenko said that the first statistics on sales on the ProZorro electronic auction platform would be available by the end of November.

According to her, auctions will take place in a test mode over a period of 2-3 months.

"If ProZorro.Prodazhi proves its effectiveness, we are ready to initiate transfer of all auctions to this system. However, for this, we need to work for a few months," Bereschenko said.

Currently, nine electronic platforms are accredited to work with ProZorro.Prodazhi. They are LLC E-Tender, LLC Derzhzakupivli.Online, LLC Ukraine Property Group, LLC Information Technologies,, PJSC Alfa Bank, LLC Zakupivli UA, LLC Nyutend, and LLC IT Contract.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, a test auction of assets of insolvent banks took place on October 4.

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