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Cabinet Approves Plan For Measures To Organize 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Cabinet Approves Plan For Measures To Organize 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a plan of measures to organize the 2017 Eurovision international song contest.

The Cabinet of Ministers made the relevant decision at a meeting on Tuesday. Ukrainian News reports.

According to the relevant Cabinet of Ministers directive. the security forces need to develop before the end of the year a plan of organizational and practical measures to ensure safety during preparation for and hosting of the song contest. as well as to ensure protection of public order and road safety rules at the venues for the contest and related activities and the safety of participants and spectators.

In addition. the Kyiv city administration and the National Television Broadcasting Company have been tasked with ensuring preparation of the venues for the song contest. creation of infrastructure. and facilitating broadcasting of the song contest in accordance with the requirements of the European Broadcasting Union.

In addition. in accordance with the plan of measures. an information and advertising campaign will be conducted in Ukraine and abroad with the aim of supporting the song contest and covering measures involving preparation for and organization of the song contest. including advertising campaigns to promote Kyiv. particularly on billboards. banners. display boards. City Lights. and other forms of outdoor advertising.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported. the Cabinet of Ministers has proposed that the parliament allocate UAH 455.7 million for organization of the 2017 Eurovision international song contest in Kyiv.