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Cabinet Suggesting Rada Increase Expenses For Security And Defense By UAH 7.1 Billion

Cabinet Suggesting Rada Increase Expenses For Security And Defense By UAH 7.1 Billion

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is suggesting that the Verkhovna Rada expand the expenses for security and defense by UAH 7.1 billion in 2016.

This is said in draft law No.5217 registered at the Verkhovna Rada on October 3 on amendments to the 2016 state budget, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Of the sum, UAH 6.3 billion will be used for pay service.

The draft law envisages that UAH 3.8 billion will be allocated to the Defense Ministry and another UAH 175 million will be allocated to the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry, UAH 2 billion will be allocated to the National Police of Ukraine, UAH 963.5 million to the State Border Service, UAH 128.5 million to the Security Service of Ukraine, UAH 51 million to the State Guard Department, UAH 50 million to the State Emergency Situations Service, the UAH 5.4 million to the State Special Service of Transport.

In addition, the draft law envisages allocation of UAH 1.5 billion for wages of employees of the central bodies of the government, local state administrations, and foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in order to comply with the norms of the law on civil service.

The draft law envisages allocation of UAH 950 million to the Ministry for Regional Development and Construction, Housing and Utility Economy for the fund of regional development to finance investment programs and projects of regional development.

The document also envisages allocation of UAH 420 million for supporting coal enterprises.

The Cabinet of Ministers also wants to additionally allocate UAH 90 million to the Justice Ministry for financing expenses related to the representation of Ukraine's interests at foreign bodies of justice.

The note to the draft law reads that the expansion of the expenses of the state budget will be provided by economizing UAH 6.1 billion on execution of debt liabilities of state loans and another UAH 2.4 billion provided by economizing on servicing of the state debt.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 28 the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine endorsed increase in funding of the Defense Ministry by UAH 3.8 billion, the National Police of Ukraine by UAH 2 billion, and law enforcement agencies.