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Savchenko Stops Hunger Strike On August 24

Savchenko Stops Hunger Strike On August 24

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Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadiya Savchenko from the faction of the Batkivschyna Party stopped her hunger strike on August 24.

Her sister Vira told this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"We arrived from the United States in the early hours of August 23 and in the evening of August 23 we started our trip to the east. We were in the 'grey zone' in Stanytsia Luhanska on August 24. This is when Nadiya stopped the hunger strike," she said.

According to Vira, the reason to stop the hunger strike was the meeting of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with mothers of the prisoners of war who were on their hunger strike outside the Presidential Administration.

Vira Savchenko said that meeting was a positive signal Nadiya Savchenko expected and she stopped the protest action.

Vira said Nadiya Savchenko was in California when Poroshenko met with the mothers of prisoners of war.

Vira Savchenko said swap of 14 Ukrainian prisoners of war was scheduled in the near future.

She did not give further details.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, MP Nadiya Savchenko went on a hunger strike on August 2, 2016 in protest against passivity of the government in the question of release of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

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